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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
EC-L1239 Ecuador TRANSPORT Posorja Port 50.00 Approved May 01, 2018
EC-L1240 Ecuador FINANCIAL MARKETS Financing Agreement for SMEs with Produbanco 5.00 Approved May 01, 2018
NI-U0001 Nicaragua AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Nordic Development Fund (NDX) Guarantee for Banco de la Producción, SA: Access to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 1.50 Approved May 01, 2018
PE-T1403 Peru ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Sustainable Infrastructure Workshop in Perú 0.12 Implementation May 01, 2018
RG-T3147 Regional EDUCATION CIMA: Building Statistical Capacity in Education in Latin America and the Caribbean 0.50 Implementation May 01, 2018
BO-T1310 Bolivia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Skills for the Future: Policies for Productivity in a Context of informality and Technological Change 0.35 Implementation April 30, 2018
PR-T1243 Paraguay URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Strengthening Urban Resilience in Riverside Asuncion 0.45 Implementation April 30, 2018
HO-L1029 Honduras TRADE Banco Atlantida S.A. - TFFP 6.00 Completed April 27, 2018
PE-L1029 Peru TRADE Banco Interamericano de Finanzas - TFFP 20.00 Completed April 27, 2018
PN-T1188 Panama SOCIAL INVESTMENT Sustainable Guna Relocation Due to Climate Change 0.85 Approved April 27, 2018
PN-T1192 Panama PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Development of an Ecosystem for Digital Ventures 0.80 Approved April 27, 2018
BR-T1389 Brazil SOCIAL INVESTMENT Delivering Parenting Interventions Via Group Meetings in Boa Vista. 0.47 Approved April 25, 2018
EC-L1111 Ecuador TRANSPORT Quito Metropolitan Urban Transport System 250.00 Approved April 25, 2018
HO-L1187 Honduras SOCIAL INVESTMENT Civic Coexistence and Neighborhood Improvement Program 60.00 Approved April 25, 2018
NI-T1264 Nicaragua ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Experiences Exchange Program on Governance for Climate Financing Nicaragua-Mexico 0.01 Implementation April 25, 2018
PN-L1107 Panama TRANSPORT Customs Logistics Integration Program 75.00 Approved April 25, 2018
RG-T3163 Regional PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Innovation, Firm Performance and Gender Issues in Enterprises in the Caribbean 0.70 Implementation April 25, 2018
RG-T3216 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Knowledge Generation, Management and Dissemination 0.75 Implementation April 25, 2018
RG-T3224 Regional PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Improving Productivity, Innovation and Inclusive Growth in the Caribbean 0.20 Implementation April 25, 2018
ME-L1285 Mexico SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Red Compartida/Altán 25.00 Approved April 24, 2018