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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
RG-T3249 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT The Future of Jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean 0.30 Implementation August 27, 2018
RG-T3155 Regional EDUCATION Gender and Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) 0.30 Implementation August 23, 2018
CH-T1206 Chile REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening the Strategic Management of Public Security in Chile 0.25 Implementation August 22, 2018
GU-T1292 Guatemala TRANSPORT Knowledge Exchange on Reform of Road institutions 0.01 Implementation August 22, 2018
RG-T3143 Regional EDUCATION New Leaders for Educational Improvement - Phase II 0.32 Implementation August 22, 2018
RG-T3279 Regional REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Accelerating the Digital Agenda in the Caribbean Region: Learning from the Estonian Experience 0.14 Implementation August 22, 2018
AR-T1208 Argentina SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Preparation of a Strategic Agenda for Science, Technology and Innovation Policies in Argentina 0.25 Implementation August 21, 2018
BR-T1395 Brazil ENERGY Support for the Development of Renewable Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency Projects in Brazilian Municipalities 0.40 Implementation August 21, 2018
PE-T1396 Peru HEALTH Support to the Transformation of Health Networks 0.30 Disbursing (From eli August 21, 2018
PN-T1206 Panama WATER AND SANITATION Support to the Reform of the Water and Sanitation Sector 0.50 Disbursing (From eli August 21, 2018
UR-T1200 Uruguay REGIONAL INTEGRATION Strengthening the Capabilities of the Customs of Uruguay through the Exchange of Experiences with the Customs of Mexico (SAT) 0.01 Completed August 21, 2018
BH-T1066 Bahamas REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Learning Exchange in Digital Identification and Public Sector Transformation 0.02 Implementation August 20, 2018
ES-T1264 El Salvador URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Design of the Master Plan for the Western Region and Operation of the Marine-Coastal Cities Network of El Salvador 0.20 Implementation August 20, 2018
RG-T3299 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Interoperability of Public Platforms to Provide more Efficient and Better Social Services 0.30 Implementation August 20, 2018
UR-T1197 Uruguay SOCIAL INVESTMENT Social-Exclusion based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) in Secondary Schools in Uruguay 0.09 Approved August 20, 2018
ME-T1381 Mexico SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to the Attorney General Office of Mexico to Strengthen its Criminal Investigation Capacities 0.25 Implementation August 16, 2018
PN-T1173 Panama SOCIAL INVESTMENT Increasing Productivity through Strengthening Skills 0.50 Implementation August 15, 2018
RG-T3258 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Information Systems and Policy Dialogue on Rules of Origin and Non-Tariff Measures 0.55 Implementation August 14, 2018
RG-T3259 Regional REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Tax Compliance in the Developing Digital Economy: The Case of LAC 0.55 Implementation August 14, 2018
HO-T1311 Honduras HEALTH Pre-investment Studies for the Construction of Hospital of Trauma in Tegucigalpa-Honduras 0.20 Implementation August 13, 2018