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Access to Information
Access to Information (ATI)

The Access to Information Policy is an instrument approved by the IDB’s Board and designed to raise the Bank's standards of transparency to the highest level of international practices, thereby allowing greater accountability in the execution of its projects and activities. 

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Project Number Name Document Activity Document Type Country Language Disclosure Date Sort ascending
PE-T1543 PE-T1543-P005 - Solicitud de Expresion de Interes I.pdf BEO Procurement Peru Spanish Apr 11, 2024
PE-T1551 PE-T1551-P001 SOLICITUD DE EXPRESIONES DE INTERES.pdf BEO Procurement Peru Spanish Apr 11, 2024
PE-T1543 PE-T1543-P007 - Solicitud de Expresion de Interes I.pdf BEO Procurement Peru Spanish Apr 11, 2024
PE-T1543 PE-T1543-P006 - Solicitud de Expresion de Interes I.pdf BEO Procurement Peru Spanish Apr 11, 2024
CallableCapitalExCallableCapitalExercise_ShareholderInformation_Denmark.pdf Reports English Apr 11, 2024
CallableCapitalExercise_ShareholderInformation_Canada.pdf Reports English Apr 11, 2024
CallableCapitalExercise_ShareholderInformation_Belgium.pdf Reports English Apr 11, 2024
SU-L1068 Programa de Rehabilitación Urbana en Paramaribo II.pdf Loan Contract Resolution Suriname Spanish Apr 11, 2024
SU-L1068 Paramaribo Urban Rehabilitation Program II (PURP II).pdf Loan Contract Resolution Suriname English Apr 11, 2024
PE-L1268 5729_OC-PE - Procurement Plan Version - 2024-2.xlsx Procurement Plan Peru English Apr 11, 2024
RG-T4041 Solicitud Expresiones de Interes RG-T4041-P002 - Extension.pdf BEO Procurement Regional Spanish Apr 11, 2024
Minutes of the meeting 2023-04. Programming Committee of the Board..pdf Minutes English Apr 11, 2024
UR-L1185 5566_OC-UR - Procurement Plan Version - 2024-1.xlsx Procurement Plan Uruguay English Apr 11, 2024
PR-L1044 2419 OC-PR- 2420 OC-PR- 2420 BL-PR-1- EFAs Ejercicio Fiscal 2023.pdf Annual Project Audited Financial Statement Paraguay Spanish Apr 11, 2024
RG-T4202 REOI RG-T4202-P001.docx BEO Procurement Regional English Apr 11, 2024
Want to review Sample and Denied Requests?

In the Public Information Center Requests you can find sample requests processed previously by the PIC that might be helpful to review before you submit a new request for information. There is also a list of requests denied  by the  IDB in accordance with its Acces to Information Policy

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Access to Information Policy (May 2010)
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Classification and Declassification System and Review Process (December 2010)
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ATI Policy Implementation Guidelines (December 2012)
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Proposal for a new Access to Information Policy (March 2022)
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Take a look at the following documents that are currently the ones most searched for and downloaded by the public looking for information.

IDB Group Paris Alignment Implementation Approach: Principles, Methodology and Technical Guidance

Published: March 2023

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Procurement Award Notice – Brazil (BR-L1405)

Published: April 2023

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Procurement Award Notice – Panama (PN-L1155)

Published: January 2023

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Argentina. Propuesta de prestamo Programa de Integracion Socio Urbana y Mejoramiento de Vivienda

Published: March 2023

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IDB Agenda de la sesión 2023_19 del DIRECTORIO EJECUTIVO

Published: August 2023

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Chile. Propuesta de Préstamo - Programa de Apoyo a la Agenda de Gobierno Digital de Chile

Published: May 2023

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The Access to Information Policy framework includes important documents, processes and guidance approved by the IDB in order to carry out its respective implementation activities.

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Access to Information Policy Update - New round of participation
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