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What's our Impact
What's our Impact

We are improving lives by accelerating the economic and social development process of our borrowing member countries through financing of development projects


Find out more about our work in borrowing member countries by searching our projects database. 

Total 26100
Project Number Country Sector Title Total Cost Project Status Approval Date Operation Number
BO-T1440 Bolivia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to labor workforce training in Bolivia Implementation Apr. 12 2024
PE-T1570 Peru TRANSPORT Support for the Bus Operation System Initiative in Huancayo, through PROMOVILIDAD Program 550,000.00 Implementation Apr. 9 2024 ATN/KP-20705-PE
BO-T1436 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Support to the Preparation and Implementation of the Water Security and Environmental Sanitation Program in Urban Areas in Bolivia 300,000.00 Implementation Apr. 8 2024 ATN/OC-20704-BO
SU-L1068 Suriname URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Paramaribo Urban Rehabilitation Program (PURP) II 30,000,000.00 Implementation Apr. 5 2024
BR-L1614 Brazil REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Fiscal Management Modernization Project for the State of Tocantins - PROFISCO II TO 47,000,000.00 Implementation Apr. 5 2024
BR-T1607 Brazil FINANCIAL MARKETS Technical Assistance to support the design and implementation of the Foreign Private Capital Mobilization and Currency Hedging Program Implementation Apr. 4 2024
CO-G1051 Colombia REGIONAL INTEGRATION Productive and commercial strengthening of the artisanal wool weaving process of the indigenous women of Cumbal, Nariño 270,000.00 Implementation Apr. 3 2024 GRT/IE-20702-CO
PE-T1573 Peru SOCIAL INVESTMENT Modernization of the immigration services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 150,000.00 Implementation Apr. 3 2024 ATN/OC-20699-PE
BH-L1058 Bahamas PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Local Sustainable Development in the Blue Economy Implementation Apr. 3 2024
BH-O0011 Bahamas Local Sustainable Development in the Blue Economy Implementation Apr. 3 2024

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How projects are made

The IDB provides financing to the public sector through sovereign guaranteed loans.

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Measuring results

The Development Effectiveness Framework (DEF) is the tool the IDB uses to ensure that projects produce tangible and positive results for beneficiaries in our 26 borrowing members in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Monthly Operational Summary

The Monthly Operational Summary (MOS) reports on the status of projects while they are in the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) lending pipeline.

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Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental (and Social) Impact Assessments (EIAs) are prepared for projects with potentially substantial environmental and social impacts. EIAs are made available to affected populations and local nongovernmental organizations by the borrower before the Bank conducts its Analysis Mission.

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Explore our offices across countries and the work they do to improve lives.

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