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Regional Contacts

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay: Soledad Planes
Brazil: Janaina Goulart
Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia: Andrés Cavelier
Caribbean countries: Geraldine García
Central America, Panama, Dominican Republic and Mexico: Diego Alvarez
Haiti: Anamaría Nuñez

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Areas of specialization

Research, macroeconomics and trade: Andrés Cavelier
Social sector, including education, health and labor markets: Soledad Planes
Infrastructure including energy, transportation, water and sanitation: Anamaria Nuñez
Government reforms, institutions, science and technology and fiscal management: Vanessa Molina
Environment and climate change, agriculture and urban development: Javier Salgado
Knowledge management and online courses: Andrés Cavelier
IDB Lab: Gador Manzano
IDB Invest: Ana Lucia Escudero

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