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The Inter-American Development Bank is a community of diverse, talented results-driven professionals who work with purpose and passion in an inclusive, collaborative, agile and rewarding environment.  

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Tres profesionales ingresando a una sala de juntas. Equidad de género y diversidad - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
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Five things you need to know about working at the IDB 

Our team is as diverse as our member countries.

Representing 40+ nationalities, our diverse team operates from offices in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, and Washington, D.C. Having an office in each of the countries where we operate allows us to understand, anticipate and provide innovative solutions to the pressing challenges of our region.


Grupo de profesionales de pie en la entrada a un edificio. Diversidad e Inclusión - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
There is space for all types of professions and careers.

The IDB has a wide range of professionals with diverse skill sets. Our people have different backgrounds, which go from economics, engineering, project management, communications, law, technology, design, art, human resources, a mix of those, and more! There is space for all types of professions and careers. We are always looking for new talent to enrich our team.   

You can work for the public sector with the IDB, private sector operations with IDB Invest, and our innovation laboratory, IDB Lab.


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We support our teams and people through their careers and significant life events.

We offer a competitive compensation package, flexible work models, benefits that respond to the different needs and moments of an employee’s life, and options to reward and recognize the behaviors and results they produce.  


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We offer tailored opportunities for students and recent graduates.

As a student and recent graduate, our programs are designed to fuel your career interests while immersing you in our company culture. You can make meaningful connections and contribute to projects centered around international development.


Un grupo de profesionales y pasantes trabajando en equipo. Empleo y desarrollo - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
We have a thorough hiring process because we strive to empower our team’s success.

From the initial application to the final hiring decision, we take every step of the process seriously to ensure we can bring the best fit for our teams. Our process includes comprehensive evaluations of skills and potential, allowing us to build a team that drives innovation and excellence.  


Reclutador sosteniendo un currículo en una entrevista virtual. Empleo - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID

Get to know the people behind the work we do in the countries we serve.  

Turning passion into action to help people with disabilities

Being the parent of a child with a disability comes with a unique set of challenges and experiences. At the IDB, Charmaine Edmonson-Nelson found an opportunity to turn her passion for helping persons with disabilities into action. She is responsible for designing and receiving funding approval for a grant to provide direct support to children with intellectual disabilities and their parents.

Profesionales apretando manos en la firma de un acuerdo. Desarrollo profesional - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID

Working in projects that bring him closer to home

Driven by his love for his country and desire to build a better future for the next generations, Shua Mclean chose the IDB for his first job in international development. He was born in a small town in Jamaica, where he experienced firsthand the hardships faced by families and communities due to separations caused by looking for better opportunities. Shua felt that his vision to work on projects that impact people's lives in the Caribbean aligned with our mission. He joined our Country Department Caribbean (CCB), where he expanded his knowledge about development issues affecting his region. 

Joven profesional de pie frente un edificio. Diversidad laboral - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID

Shaping an impactful career

At the IDB, we don't just believe in developing Latin America and the Caribbean; we also believe in the development of our people. Daysi Andrades is a strong leader who's leaving her mark on the Bank, and by extension, the region. She started her journey at the IDB at the age of 19, when she met her mentor here. Twenty years later, Daysi leads one of our Information Technology Department’s business partner groups.  

Mujer profesional sonriendo. Desarrollo - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID

A journey of commitment from the start

Alana Perez’s unwavering dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) stems from inspiring narratives woven within her family and the world around her. Drawing strength from the courageous acts of her trailblazing grandmother, who defied societal norms in an era of constraints, Alana became acutely aware of the deeply ingrained gender stereotypes pervasive in society. Motivated to effect change, she embarked on a career dedicated to fostering a more inclusive world. Alana's journey at the IDB began as a consultant, where she played a pivotal role in our pursuit of EDGE certification, meticulously analyzing our progress and unwavering commitment to gender equality. Today, as a Human Resources Business Partner, Alana continues to champion DEI working alongside our esteemed team to create an environment that embraces the power of inclusivity. 

Rostro de una mujer sonriendo. Empleo e inclusión - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
Life at the IDB Types of opportunities Students and recent graduates How we hire
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