From Recovery to Renaissance

New Latin American and Caribbean Macroeconomic Report calls for an ambitious reset of policy frameworks to mitigate risk and seize new opportnities for inclusive growth.

The Key to Social Cohesion and Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

Trust is the most pressing and yet least discussed challenge confronting Latin America and the Caribbean. By making trust a goal of public policy, and not simply its byproduct, countries can accelerate growth and employment.

Open learning for Latin America and the Caribbean

The IDB has created the #Movingonline initiative, supporting the transition from face-to-face to online training.


InvestmentMap: a technology giving transparency to public resources

Discover how the combination of institutional capacities, access to information and digital technologies can empower citizens, increase transparency and prevent corruption.

Innovating to eliminate violence against women

Innovating to eliminate violence against women

The Violencia Cero (Zero Violence) project brought together more than 200 teams from 14 countries to create solutions against gender-based violence. Three winning projects combine technological innovation and creative entrepreneurship to improve access to justice and safe spaces for those who need it most.

Mother and daughter in front of a sanitation facility in a rural community

Sanitation and Health for Rural Communities in Bolivia

Ecological waste management systems have improved the lives of more than 5,000 families in Bolivia, who now have sanitation services appropriate to their geographic and cultural context.

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