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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
RG-T3467 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Support for Implementation of the Regional Strategic Action Plan for Governance and Building Climate Resilience in the Water Sector in the Caribbean 0.33 Approved August 12, 2019
RG-T3452 Regional OTHER Operationalization of the Sustainable Infrastructure Framework 1.00 Approved August 09, 2019
RG-T3473 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Migration In Latin-America And The Caribbean: A Comprehensive Approach To Address Policy Challenges 0.70 Approved August 12, 2019
NI-T1278 Nicaragua HEALTH Support for Investing in the Future: Program for Feeding Vulnerable Populations 0.21 Approved August 09, 2019
RG-T3516 Regional ENERGY CANEF: Promoting Environmentally Responsible Mining in Latin America and the Caribbean 0.55 Approved August 09, 2019
BL-T1116 Belize EDUCATION Support for the Implementation of Education Quality Improvement Program II (EQIP II) 0.15 Approved August 12, 2019
RG-T3489 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Integrated Management of Transboundary Water Resources In Latin America 0.80 Approved August 06, 2019
ME-T1394 Mexico REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening Tax Revenues Digital Management 0.15 Approved August 09, 2019
CO-T1532 Colombia ENERGY CANEF Colombia Phase III: Integral Support to the Extractive Sector 0.98 Approved August 09, 2019
PR-T1277 Paraguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Supporting the Integrity Agenda in Paraguay 0.15 Approved August 07, 2019
EC-T1433 Ecuador EDUCATION Inclusion of Migrants Into School System 0.50 Approved August 09, 2019
RG-T3380 Regional TRADE Support in Digital Transformation of Latin-American and Caribbean Investment Promotion Agencies 0.30 Approved August 08, 2019
CH-T1223 Chile ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Strengthening Chile’s Climate Change Agenda and Support for the Organization of COP25 0.60 Approved August 05, 2019
CH-T1208 Chile REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support for an Effective Descentralization 0.45 Approved August 05, 2019
RG-T3375 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Urban Water Management and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems 0.35 Approved August 05, 2019
VE-T1072 Venezuela WATER AND SANITATION Support To The Water, Electricity And Transport Sectors 0.60 Approved August 05, 2019
AR-T1234 Argentina SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Support to the Expo Buenos Aires Program 2023 0.15 Approved August 01, 2019
EC-T1414 Ecuador ENERGY Supporting the Zero Fossil Fuels Initiative for Galápagos 0.50 Approved August 01, 2019
AR-T1231 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support to Strengthen Growth 0.30 Approved August 05, 2019
EC-T1416 Ecuador WATER AND SANITATION Support to the Preparation of the Program to Improve Water, Sanitation and Drainage in Rural Areas of the Canton of Portoviejo 0.30 Approved August 05, 2019