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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
CO-T1564 Colombia TRANSPORT Master Plan for Integral Management and Sustainable Use of the Magdalena River Basin. 250,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1567 Colombia ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Institutions and Normative Instruments for the Fight Against Deforestation 1,550,360.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1572 Colombia AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Support for the TCU management 420,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1584 Colombia SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Program to Support Reforms Agenda to Promote Productive Development, Innovation and the Creative Economy in Colombia 280,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1585 Colombia EDUCATION Closing Human Capital Gap for the Sugar Agro-Industry Value Chain in Palmira 600,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1586 Colombia URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support for Fiscal and Public Investment Expenditure Strengthening for Municipalities, their Decentralized Agencies and Metropolitan Areas 300,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1587 Colombia ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support for the creation and start-up of the Project Management Office (PMO) to impulse rural productivity 100,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1588 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Improving Knowledge to Promote Integration of Regional Policies on International Migration 238,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1592 Colombia URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support for Natural and Cultural Capital Projects in Barranquilla 295,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1593 Colombia HEALTH Strengthening Local Level Surveillance System for the Response to Covid19 Emergency 350,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1595 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT More and Better Jobs for Teenage Mothers in Vulnerable Conditions 500,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1596 Colombia WATER AND SANITATION Promoting Behavioral Change in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in the Colombian Pacific to Prevent COVID-19 750,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1597 Colombia URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support to Biodivercities Program 280,000.00 Preparation N/A
CO-T1599 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support in the Development of the Colombian Care Policy 403,357.00 Preparation N/A
CR-T1215 Costa Rica TRANSPORT Institutional and Operational Strengthening of the Transport Sector Portfolio in Costa Rica 300,000.00 Preparation N/A
CR-T1219 Costa Rica ENERGY Support for the Transformation of the Energy Sector towards a Decarbonized Economy 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
CR-T1232 Costa Rica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Improvement of Training and Labor Intermediation in Costa Rica in a Crisis Context Through New Models of Public-Private Collaboration and Performance Management 300,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1136 Dominican Republic SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening social protection sector in Dominican Republic 50,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1139 Dominican Republic WATER AND SANITATION Santiago Province Urban-Rural water and sanitation integration project 100,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1141 Dominican Republic TRANSPORT Rehabilitation and Expansion of Puerto Manzanillo 100,000,000.00 Preparation N/A