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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
CH-T1220 Chile TRANSPORT Support to the Development of New Transport Technology Applications in Chile: Big Data and Autonomous Vehicles 0.25 Approved July 23, 2019
RG-T3356 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain): The Future of Land Titling and Registry 0.50 Approved July 19, 2019
ES-T1307 El Salvador TRANSPORT Exchange of Experiences on Strategic Infrastructure and Transport Models 0.01 Approved July 23, 2019
CR-T1209 Costa Rica HEALTH Costa Rica - Regional Malaria Elimination Intitative (RMEI) in Mesoamerica and Dominican Republic 0.26 Approved July 18, 2019
RG-T3485 Regional TRADE 2019 5th Korea LAC Business Summit 0.95 Approved July 17, 2019
BR-T1390 Brazil WATER AND SANITATION Support for the Preparation of the Environmental Sanitation Program of the Water Supply Sources of the Metropolitan Region of Salvador and the Operational Improvement of EMBASA 0.50 Approved July 23, 2019
BA-T1059 Barbados ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Walkers Reserve Integrated Master Plan and Restoration Pilot 0.65 Approved July 18, 2019
ME-T1393 Mexico SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support for the Implementation of Labor Reform in Mexico 0.20 Approved July 17, 2019
PR-T1284 Paraguay ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Humanitarian Assistance for Floods in the Departments of Ñeembucú and Predisente Hayes 0.20 Approved July 17, 2019
RG-T3402 Regional URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support to the Preparation of loans Co-financed with Instruments From the General State Administration of Spain 3.00 Approved July 17, 2019
SU-T1113 Suriname SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support for Suriname’s National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan 0.28 Approved July 16, 2019
RG-T3398 Regional TRANSPORT Support for the Execution of Projects and Monitoring of Work Risks in Transportation Projects in Costa Rica and Paraguay 0.30 Approved July 16, 2019
HO-T1340 Honduras Identification of Projects in Honduras to Promote Economic Development 0.27 Approved July 15, 2019
RG-T3420 Regional TRANSPORT Support for the Renewal of Passenger and Cargo Fleet in Latin America and the Caribbean 0.30 Approved July 12, 2019
PN-T1221 Panama SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support for the Consolidation of Prison Reform in Panama 0.25 Approved July 12, 2019
EC-L1256 Ecuador INDUSTRY Proposed loan to Induglob S.A 8.00 Approved July 12, 2019
PE-L1249 Peru AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Financing for the Sustainable Production of Alpaca Fiber in Peru 2.80 Approved July 11, 2019
CH-T1225 Chile TRADE Knowledge Exchange in the Use of New Technologies and Methods for Cartel Detection 0.02 Approved July 16, 2019
BL-T1122 Belize ENERGY EcoMicro - Development Finance Corporation - Green Finance for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for MSMEs 0.35 Approved July 15, 2019
SU-L1057 Suriname TRANSPORT Improving Transport Logistics and Competitiveness in Suriname 45.00 Approved July 10, 2019