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Sector Framework Labors Markets and Pensions
Labors Markets and Pensions
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Labors Markets and Pensions Initiatives

Our sector framework guides the work we do and the decisions we make at the IDB to promote equitable access for all workers in Latin America and the Caribbean to formal, stable jobs with sufficient wages and coverage against the risks of ill health and poverty in old age. 

Skills development framework 

Our skills development framework, carried out and implemented in collaboration with IDB’s Education Division, sets out the roadmap and scope of our endeavor to construct and foster a resilient workforce equipped with the skills necessary for ever-changing labor markets and productive landscapes, and the future of work in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

Employment action framework with gender perspective   

Our framework for employment action with a gender perspective sets the guidelines for our work to recover, create, and transform employment in the region with a gender equity standpoint and focus. It raises awareness and promotes interventions in three critical areas: 

(i) Support to businesses and entrepreneurs comprising financing or technical assistance to support the recovery of jobs lost in the pandemic, and the creation of new quality jobs with special emphasis on increasing women’s employment;  

(ii) Support for human talent development including actions aimed at preparing workers with the necessary skills for successful work and learning trajectories; 

(iii) Laws and regulations to improve the functioning of the labor market, foster business growth and elevate the quality of jobs and the conditions for equal access to jobs for women and men. 

Labor Sector Framework Document
Skills Development Sector Framework Document
Employment Action Framework with Gender Perspective

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