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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
HA-J0002 Haiti AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Rural Productivity and Connectivity Program with a Territorial Approach 60,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
HA-L1143 Haiti WATER AND SANITATION Productive Infrastructure Program V 65,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
HA-T1297 Haiti ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Emergency Support for Haiti after Severe Earthquake in 2021 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-G1258 Honduras ENERGY Empowerment of Women Participation in Energization with Clean Energy 1,400,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-L1217 Honduras FINANCIAL MARKETS Program for the Financing of Industrial Development of Honduras 40,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-L1227 Honduras REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Comprehensive modernization, professionalization and digitization of the services of the National Police of Honduras 30,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-L1229 Honduras WATER AND SANITATION Water and sanitation services reform program in Central District II 59,250,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-O0008 Honduras FINANCIAL MARKETS Contingent Loan for Natural Disaster and Public Health Emergencies 400,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-T1383 Honduras FINANCIAL MARKETS Support the Design and execution of the Program for the Financing of Industrial Development of Honduras 550,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-T1388 Honduras HEALTH Design of a Program for the Training of Specialists in Intensive Care and Emergencies in Honduras. 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-T1390 Honduras HEALTH Strengthening of pre-hospital and medical-surgical emergencies care services at the Hospital Escuela de Tegucigalpa. 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-T1392 Honduras SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support for the youth employment recovery in Honduras. 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-T1393 Honduras PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Support for strengthening and modernization of the Honduras National Post Office 170,000.00 Preparation N/A
HO-T1395 Honduras FINANCIAL MARKETS Increased investment mobilization for green and resilient recovery with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Honduras 750,000.00 Preparation N/A
JA-G1006 Jamaica PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Boosting Innovation, Growth and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Jamaica 8,687,485.33 Preparation N/A
JA-L1088 Jamaica REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening Fiscal Policy and Management Programme to Respond to the Public Health and Economic Crisis Effects of COVID-19 in Jamaica II 100,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
JA-T1195 Jamaica EDUCATION Digital Transformation for School Management 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
JA-T1198 Jamaica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening Implementation and Risk Response of the Skills Development for GSS in Jamaica 146,000.00 Preparation N/A
ME-G1019 Mexico FINANCIAL MARKETS Program to Support Nafin in the development of an Energy Efficiency through Distributed Generation (DG) Program for MIPYMES 3,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
ME-L1299 Mexico REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Public Management and Transparency for Competitiveness 700,000,000.00 Preparation N/A