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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
EC-T1476 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening Ecuador's Fiscal Sustainability 250,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1481 Ecuador FINANCIAL MARKETS Support to the development and economic recovery of Ecuador 180,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1488 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support for institutional strengthening of Ecuador's Ministry of Economy and Finance 100,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1491 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Fiscal Polilcy for Climate Change in Ecuador 1,200,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1497 Ecuador ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support to implement biodiversity conservation activities in the context of a debt for nature conversion 600,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1498 Ecuador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Quality standards of services for people with disabilities 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1500 Ecuador OTHER Strengthening the capacities of the ESPOL to close productivity gaps on the coast 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1502 Ecuador EDUCATION Promoting quality education in the Ecuadorian Amazon 400,000.00 Preparation N/A
EC-T1503 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening the capacity of the State to mainstream the gender perspective in the Citizen Security and Justice Sector of Ecuador 200,000.00 Preparation N/A
ES-L1156 El Salvador FINANCIAL MARKETS Access to Credit Program for Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) 100,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
ES-T1355 El Salvador URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Promotion of Favorable Conditions for the Development of Social Housing 250,000.00 Preparation N/A
GU-L1170 Guatemala TRANSPORT CA-9 Road Corridor Development: El Rancho - Teculután Substrech 75,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
GU-L1184 Guatemala EDUCATION Support Program for the Expansion of Secondary Education 100,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
GU-L1188 Guatemala WATER AND SANITATION Water and Sanitation Program for Human Development - Phase II. 20,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
GU-L1190 Guatemala PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT PRO MUJER: Credit, preventive medicine, and digital skills to empower vulnerable women 1,750,000.00 Preparation N/A
GU-T1338 Guatemala TRANSPORT Sustainable Urban Transport in Guatemalan Cities 275,000.00 Preparation N/A
GY-G1008 Guyana PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Growing Guyana-s Mature Microenterprise to SMEs through Technical Support, Financial Literacy and Access to Capital 500,000.00 Preparation N/A
GY-L1079 Guyana EDUCATION Support for Educational Recovery and Transformation 90,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
GY-L1080 Guyana HEALTH Health Care Network Strengthening in Guyana 97,000,000.00 Preparation N/A
GY-O0009 Guyana EDUCATION Conditional Credit Line for Transforming Guyana-s Education Sector 150,000,000.00 Preparation N/A