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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
GU-T1289 Guatemala ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Emergency Technical Cooperation - Support for the Volcán de Fuego Eruption Emergency 0.20 Approved June 15, 2018
CO-T1444 Colombia TRANSPORT Support for the Formulation of Policy Guidelines for the Railway Sector in Colombia 0.50 Implementation June 14, 2018
CO-T1482 Colombia ENERGY CANEF - Colombia Phase II: Integral Support to the Extractives Sector 0.55 Implementation June 14, 2018
ME-T1327 Mexico SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Support to Institutional Capacities of Competitiveness in Strategic Areas 0.33 Approved June 14, 2018
RG-T3205 Regional SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Design New Inovation Indicators Focused on the Digital Economy 0.25 Approved June 14, 2018
RG-T3219 Regional REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Innovations to Improve the Transparency and Efficiency of Public Investment Systems II 0.45 Approved June 14, 2018
RG-T3229 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Food Loss and Waste Reduction Program for Latin America and the Caribbean 0.60 Approved June 14, 2018
UR-T1191 Uruguay URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support to the Preparation and Monitoring of Execution for the Third Neighborhood Improvement Program 0.30 Approved June 14, 2018
BR-Q0022 Brazil PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT High-impact Through Digital Technology: Investment in Astella¿s Journey III 3.50 Approved June 13, 2018
JA-T1155 Jamaica ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support for the Formulation and Implementation of the Program for the Strengthening of Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation Governance 0.75 Implementation June 12, 2018
BA-T1054 Barbados SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening Human and Social Development in Barbados 0.15 Implementation June 11, 2018
RG-T3123 Regional TRADE From Industrial Ports to Smart Ports: Addressing Future Challenges through Technological Innovation 0.50 Implementation June 11, 2018
ES-T1284 El Salvador HEALTH Program for the Use of Innovative Technology Tools to Improve Health 0.20 Implementation June 08, 2018
HA-T1254 Haiti REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening Public Management for Improved Service Delivery 0.35 Implementation June 08, 2018
JA-T1158 Jamaica AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Support to the Ministry of Agriculture of Jamaica to Update Sector Policies and Investment Plans and for Project Preparation 0.35 Implementation June 08, 2018
RG-T3243 Regional PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Saint Lucia Competitiveness Agenda & Action Plan 0.20 Implementation June 08, 2018
ES-T1266 El Salvador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening of the Municipal Income Sources in El Salvador 0.15 Implementation June 07, 2018
HO-T1294 Honduras EDUCATION Mechanisms to Support School to Work Transition: Technical and Operational Support for the Execution of HO-L 1188 0.20 Implementation June 07, 2018
ES-T1261 El Salvador EDUCATION Support for the Sectoral Dialogue to Promote Education Quality 0.20 Implementation June 05, 2018
RG-T3215 Regional TRANSPORT Benchmark Study on State-Owned Enterprise of Air Transportation and Railway Transportation in Korea 0.50 Implementation June 05, 2018