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Protecting land
Learn about protecting the land
Inclusive governance
Wow, what a landscape!
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Have we changed the landscape?
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Are you risk averse?
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School Green Areas School Green Areas

The World Health Organization says that all cities and towns should have a minimum of 9 square meters (m2) of green space per person. In Latin America there are 3.5 m2 per capita. What is it like in your town?

Managing Risk in the School Managing Risk in the School

Climate change poses new hazards to schools and heightens preexisting ones. Every day we hear of the effects of natural phenomena such as landslides, tornadoes, or drought. Schools, as mirrors to their communities, can implement strategies to counteract risk factors and mitigate the possibility of disaster.

Water to Treasure

We do not live in a vacuum. Instead, we are connected to innumerable other living entities, and our individual vantage point is only one among many. As we observe and influence the interactions with all the things that surround us, we shape the landscape we experience.

Through these lesson plans, your students will:

  • Recognize different land formations.
  • Identify which transformations are natural and which are due to human activity.
  • Understand the close relationship between humans and the land.
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