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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
HO-L1029 Honduras TRADE Banco Atlantida S.A. - TFFP 6.98 Closed November 12, 2018
PN-L1065 Panama TRADE Tower Bank - TFFP 3.35 Closed November 12, 2018
GY-L1064 Guyana TRADE Establishing an Electronic Single Window for Trade and Investment in Guyana 6.00 Approved November 07, 2018
UR-L1150 Uruguay TRADE Uruguay Global: Program for the promotion of digital skills for internationalization 8.00 Approved November 07, 2018
BA-L1045 Barbados REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Macroeconomic Emergency Programme to Protect Economic and Social Progress 100.00 Implementation November 06, 2018
AR-L1295 Argentina TRANSPORT Second Phase of the Expansion of Capacity and Safety Improvements in the accesses to the Cristo Redentor Corridor 324.30 Approved November 02, 2018
AR-L1302 Argentina SOCIAL INVESTMENT Program to support the equity and effectiveness of the social protection system in Argentina 900.00 Approved November 01, 2018
BO-L1192 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Comprehensive Water Management Program in Urban Areas 100.00 Approved November 01, 2018
DR-L1058 Dominican Republic ENERGY Sustainability and Efficiency Electricity Sector II 400.00 Approved November 01, 2018
PR-L1153 Paraguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support to the Digital Agenda Program 130.00 Approved November 01, 2018
UR-L1146 Uruguay URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Third Neighborhood Improvement Loan 70.00 Approved November 01, 2018
BO-L1182 Bolivia SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Cultural Heritage Tourism Management Program 26.00 Approved October 31, 2018
JA-L1079 Jamaica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Skills Development for Global Services in Jamaica 15.00 Approved October 31, 2018
PR-L1155 Paraguay ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Project for the Improvement of the National Early Warning System for Hydrometeorological Events 10.00 Approved October 31, 2018
UR-L1147 Uruguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Rural Productive Development Program II 24.23 Approved October 31, 2018
BR-L1429 Brazil HEALTH Restructuring and Quality Improvement of Health Services Networks in the City of Sao Paulo - Health for the Future SP 100.00 Approved October 26, 2018
EC-L1236 Ecuador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support Program for the Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Ecuador 40.08 Approved October 26, 2018
UR-L1149 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Ciudad del Plata Sanitation integrated program 20.00 Approved October 26, 2018
AR-L1129 Argentina TRADE Banco de Inversion y Comercio Exterior (BICE) TFFP 18.80 Closed October 24, 2018
BO-L1190 Bolivia ENERGY Electricity Infrastructure Expansion Program 78.00 Approved October 24, 2018