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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
RG-T3490 Regional ENERGY Latin America and The Caribbean Energy Information and Innovation Platform - Observatorio & ENEsources 0.92 Approved August 28, 2019
UR-T1218 Uruguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Establishment of the First Open Agricultural Laboratory for a Climate Smart Forestry Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean 1.30 Approved August 28, 2019
RG-T3391 Regional EDUCATION Coalition for Universal Music Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) 1.00 Approved August 22, 2019
CO-L1243 Colombia REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program to Strengthen Public Sector Strategic Management Capacities 15.00 Approved August 28, 2019
CR-T1178 Costa Rica SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Support for Costa Rica's Creative and Cultural Ecosystem 0.25 Approved August 22, 2019
UR-T1177 Uruguay TRANSPORT Institutional and Contractual Design to Ensure Resources for Investment and Improve Efficiency in the Road Sector 0.15 Approved August 22, 2019
BR-T1412 Brazil SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FINEP Clima: Fostering Climate Technology and Innovation to Deliver Brazil’s NDCs 0.75 Approved August 20, 2019
HO-T1332 Honduras PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Strengthening Capacities to Support the Orange Economy 0.15 Approved August 20, 2019
EC-L1251 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE State-Owned Enterprise Reform Support Program 75.00 Approved August 28, 2019
RG-T3427 Regional WATER AND SANITATION Case Study of Nexus in South Korea and Utilization for LAC countries 0.55 Approved August 22, 2019
UR-L1152 Uruguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening Cybersecurity in Uruguay 8.00 Approved August 21, 2019
ME-T1411 Mexico EDUCATION Supporting the Implementation of the "New Mexican School" 0.10 Approved August 20, 2019
RG-T3413 Regional TRANSPORT Support for Building Transportation Systems Resilience to Climate Change 0.80 Approved August 19, 2019
BO-T1340 Bolivia HEALTH Support for the Implementation of the Program to Improve Accessibility to Maternal Health Services in Bolivia 0.46 Approved August 21, 2019
EC-T1427 Ecuador PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Support for the Development of Ecuador's Innovation, Creative and Cultural Ecosystem 0.20 Approved August 20, 2019
CO-T1517 Colombia HEALTH Operational Support to Design Strategies Aimed at Improving the Sustainability of the Health Care System in Colombia 0.40 Approved August 15, 2019
PR-T1282 Paraguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Listening to the Plants Needs 0.15 Approved August 14, 2019
RG-T3431 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Assessment of the Regulatory and Institutional Framework for Gene-editing via CRISPR-based Technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean 0.60 Approved August 15, 2019
SU-T1127 Suriname WATER AND SANITATION Support to the Suriname Water Company (SWM) Modernization Program and Sanitation Improvement in Suriname 0.20 Approved August 14, 2019
RG-T3473 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Migration In Latin-America And The Caribbean: A Comprehensive Approach To Address Policy Challenges 0.70 Approved August 12, 2019