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National Plan – Prescription Drugs

National Plan – Prescription Drugs Benefits
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Outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico, when you purchase a prescription drug, pay out-of-pocket, and submit a claim for reimbursement to Cigna Global. Claims must always include a copy of the valid prescription and the receipt for your purchase with each refill. When filling a prescription in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, you will need to go through an Express Scripts Pharmacy, see below. 

Cigna Global contact information | Cigna Global Mobile App: Benefits and how to download

Express Scripts contact information:   |  1 (855) 521-0824     Download the Express Scripts mobile app on your phone or tablet to ease access to services:  Apple iOS / Google Android 

Plan Coverage summary

Outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico, all prescriptions are retail and require a USD $5 co-pay for up to 30-day supply regardless of the pharmacy you choose.  If you are submitting a claim for a new prescription drug for a chronic condition and the prescription include refills, you do not need to submit a copy of the prescription each time you get a refill.

Inside the U.S. and Puerto Rico, retail prescriptions are available, and most major pharmacy chains are in-network. All prescription drug purchases inside the U.S. and Puerto Rico must be made through Express Scripts with your Express Scripts ID Card. You can get a 30- or 90-day supply at retail pharmacies, just be sure to have your doctor prescribe the appropriate time period. You pay three times the 30-day supply co-pay for a 90-day supply.

Please read these documents for more information:

How to Submit a Claim

How to Submit a Claim Outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico

You can submit a claim for services you paid out of pocket through the Cigna Health Benefits website or mobile app or by postal mail. Claims cannot be filed via email. This is the claim form. Cigna Global uses the same form for all types of claims

To help the claim and reimbursement process go smoothly: 

  • Make sure to provide all necessary supporting documents, including original, scanned, or photographed itemized bills or detailed receipts, certificates, medical reports, and prescriptions as applicable 
  • Keep copies of your itemized bills, detailed receipts, and other claim-supporting documents in case they are needed for verification purposes 
  • Include your member ID number on each document submitted with your claim form 
  • Provide complete details on the description of the service and the reason for the visit 
  • Indicate the country and currency you would like to be reimbursed in. You may elect to be reimbursed in U.S. dollars or the currency of the country where you currently reside. No other options will be approved for IDB Group members. You can select your currency choices in your Cigna Health Benefits profile, so you do not have to enter this information with each claim. 

How to Submit a Claim through the Cigna Global Website for Claims Outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico 

  1. Log in to the Cigna Health Benefits website ( 
  2. Click “Claims” in the menu bar 
  3. Click the “Submit a claim” button 
  4. Select the member who received care in the drop-down menu and identify whether that member is covered by other insurance and whether the claim is related to an accident 
  5. Click the “Next Step” button 
  6. Add the invoice date, amount, type of care, and country in which care was given 
  7. Click the “Next Step” button 
  8. Use the “Choose files” button to add your claim documents (make sure you also add any supporting documents, such as prescription, proof of payment, etc., if required) 
  9. When you are finished adding documents, click “Save this invoice” 
  10. On the next screen, review the summary of your claim information to ensure it is correct and then click “Submit claim” 

Visit the following documents for more information: 

Important Information for Obtaining Prescription Drugs in the U.S. and Puerto Rico

To access the digital ID card on the Express Scripts website or the Express Scripts mobile app (Apple iOS / Google Android), download the appropriate app and create an account. You will not have to create a new Express Scripts account if you remember your login credentials from 2022. You can use the “forgot password” feature if you remember your username.

To register on the app or website, you will have to use the SSN field even though most IDB members do not have an SSN. Instead of typing in an SSN (even if you have one), you will need to use your IDB Group Employee/Retiree ID number with additional zeros as follows: 

  • If you have a six-digit IDB Group ID number: 00 + your six-digit IDB Group number + 0 
  • If you have a five-digit IDB Group ID number: 000 + your five-digit IDB Group number + 0 
  • If you have an eight-digit IDB Group ID number: your eight-digit IDB Group number + 0 

For example, if your IDB Group ID number is 123456, you would enter 001234560 in the SSN field. If this does not work, contact HRD/INS ( to obtain the Express Scripts ID number you should use.

To access your prescription drug ID card on the mobile app, go to the “More” tab on the bottom right of the home screen and choose “Prescription ID Card”. To access the ID card on the website, go to the “Account” tab and choose “Prescription ID Card”. You can then show the ID card at a pharmacy, add it to your wallet (from the app) or text/email a copy of the ID card. 

Pharmacy Network Inside the US and Puerto Rico: Most major pharmacy chains in the U.S. are in-network with Express Scripts. Go to or check the Express Scripts Mobile App. 

ID Card Replacement: Please explore the Express Scripts Mobile App or

U.S. Home Delivery of Maintenance Medications: Express Scripts Pharmacy has a U.S. home delivery pharmacy program available within the United States, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands, for maintenance drug prescriptions delivered ONLY to a U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands address. Express Scripts cannot send mail-order prescriptions to overseas addresses

To order a new home delivery prescription, you can make a request by mail or your doctor can request electronically.  

  • If you want to make a request by mail: Request a prescription from your provider for a 90-day supply with refills 
  1. Download the order form from the Express Scripts website 
  2. Include your delivery address 
  3. Update health conditions and allergies information 
  4. Include payment information (credit card or US checking account) 
  5. Include your prescription  
  6. Mail the completed order form and prescription to:  

         PO BOX 66301 
         ST LOUIS, MO 63166-6301 

  • Electronic request: Ask your doctor’s office to send your prescription electronically to Express Scripts Home Delivery, NCPDP 2623735, or via fax to reduce your waiting time for prescriptions. Have your doctor call 1-888-327-9791 for faxing instructions, if needed. If your doctor’s office handles the request electronically you do not need to mail anything to Express Scripts. 

To manage your existing home delivery prescriptions, go to Express Scripts website. 

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