Ethics at the IDB Group

The IDB Group's commitment to integrity and transparency begins with its own staff. The Inter-American Development Bank’s 2012 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct sets forth the strict ethical standards that apply to IDB staff, including consultants. These standards are based on the core values of integrity, loyalty, equity, inclusion, impartiality and discretion. This is essential to build trust with those who do business with the IDB and achieve the Bank’s mission to promote social and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Bank's Office of Ethics investigates ethical violations by Bank staff and ensures compliance with financial disclosure requirements, including completion of the annual declaration of interests or affidavit form by all IDB staff.

The Officer also supports and guides employees and IDB management on the proper application of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. In addition, the Office conducts staff ethics training sessions.

The Office of Ethics also investigates allegations of prohibited practices by Bank staff, such as theft, workplace fraud, and abuse of authority.

The Board of Executive Directors is subject to its own Code.

The Bank has strong mechanisms to protect whistleblowers. The IDB’s Whistleblower Policy which was approved by the Board of Directors in 2011 and further strengthened in 2012. The Ethics Office implements the Policy by providing protection for Bank employees and other parties who provide information to support the Bank’s integrity environment.

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