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Water and Sanitation Initiatives

Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Initiatives

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water, sanitation and solid waste services for all.

two hands exchanging a glass of water
Water and Sanitation Solid Waste Sector Framework
Aquafund Aquafund

AquaFund is funded by the IDB and contributing donors; it supports all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in which the IDB is present. It facilitates investment in water and sanitation in both rural and urban areas.

Women working in water inititiatives AQUARATING

AquaRating is a rating system that evaluates water and sanitation services in an integrated way through 112 assessment elements organized in eight areas. This way, AquaRating allows a quick view of the utility areas with improvement potential.

FECASALC-woman in water source FECASALC

The Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean (FECASALC, for its Spanish initials) is an initiative that arises from the alliance between Spain and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Its objective is to support the human right to water and sanitation by helping countries achieve their SDG 6 targets. The Fund has a special impact on rural and peri-urban areas, where poverty levels tend to be higher.

A water channel with trees and grass HYDROBID

HydroBID is a simulation tool created by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to support the management and planning of water resources in the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

bid-femsa-awards-winners-2023 IDB-FEMSA WATER PRIZE

The Inter-American Development Bank and the FEMSA Foundation award the Water and Sanitation Prize for Latin America and the Caribbean since 2009. The goal is to recognize outstanding individuals, municipalities, projects and initiatives implementing innovative and effective solutions to the water and sanitation sector.

LAIF Initiative-IDB Water and Sanitation LAIF

The Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF) of the European Union finances a joint program that reinforces the strategic alliance established by the IDB and the Spanish Development Cooperation Agency (AECID, for its Spanish initials). This Program aims to boost the water and sanitation sector in the region by strengthening Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA).


Water Funds is an innovative model of long-term conservation that operates through investments that are focused on a single fund. The resources generated are assigned to preserve the essential lands above watersheds through conservation actions.

Latitud R-Initiative-Woman-Ecuador-Recycle-IDB Latitud R

We are transforming waste management in Latin America with an inclusive and circular model.

A river flowing through a forest Lazos de Agua

We have improved the quality of life of more than 235,000 people in Latin America in phase 1 of the Program, through access to water, sanitation, hygiene and the power of art.

OLAS Initiative OLAS

The Latin American and Caribbean Water and Sanitation Observatory (OLAS) is a digital platform that compiles relevant information about the water and sanitation sector in the region and contributes to the monitoring of the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Optimal Sanitation IDB Web card OPTIMAL SANITATION

Optimal Sanitation is an IDB initiative that promotes efficient sanitation solutions that are appropriate within the social and geographical contexts of the communities where they are proposed, increasing access and quality of sanitation services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rural Water and Sanitation-SIRWAS Initiative IDB Card Rural Water and Sanitation

This Rural Water and Sanitation Knowledge Platform systematically presents the work of the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) in rural areas, with a particular focus on lessons learned and products resulting from the design and execution of projects. These aim to facilitate knowledge dissemination and the exchange of experiences.

A woman filling a recipient with water Sin Desperdicio

SinDesperdicio is a platform of partners committed to working for a Latin America and the Caribbean without food loss and waste. The region needs more innovation, better public policies and greater capacity and knowledge on the issue.

Source of Innocation SOURCE OF INNOVATION

Source of Innovation is an initiative to promote the development and integration of innovative solutions in the water, sanitation and solid waste sector that contribute to providing universal safely managed water, sanitation, and solid waste management services.

Waste and Circular Economy HUB Solid Waste and Circular Economy Hub

The solid waste and circular economy Hub is a conglomerate of open data, which provides evidence of the evolution of the sector, its link with the Sustainable Development Goals, mitigation, and adaptation to climate change. It seeks to support countries in their digital transformation for the design and implementation of effective public policies and innovative management models in the information age.

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