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Sector Framework Water and sanitation
Sector Framework

Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste

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Water and Sanitation Solid Waste Initiatives

This SFD proposes that IDB Group activities in water supply and sanitation achieve a focus on services rather than infrastructure, that support the elimination of inequities, achieving the universalization of efficient, affordable, sustainable, and good quality services. This document proposes five lines of actions as a guide for the IDB Group’s work in Latin America and the Caribbean, that will need to be adapted to the reality of each country. The lines of actions are: 

(i) promote universal access to quality water and sanitation services with equity, inclusion, and affordability;

(ii) design policies and programs incorporating disaster and climate change risk management and promoting water security;

(iii) improve the financing and governance frameworks; 

(iv) improve management to ensure efficient, sustainable service delivery and promote private sector participation; and

(v) drive innovation in the sector.

Water, Sanitation and Solid Waste Sector Framework Document

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