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BID for The Americas

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The Opportunity 

  • The IDB is a trusted and knowledgeable partner to increase your presence in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Businesses worldwide can unlock billions in untapped economic opportunities across the region by leveraging the IDB’s experience, networks, and commitment to transparency, equality, governance, and sustainability.
  • The IDB creates impact through its development projects and the procurement prospects these generate.
    Tenders linked to IDB operations afford an opportunity for companies from around the world to expand their business in the region. In 2022, as the largest source of multilateral finance in the region, the IDB approved over $12.2 billion in new projects. During the same year, IDB borrowing member countries disbursed $4.9 billion that generated 12,900 contracts for IDB-funded projects.
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The Approach

BID for the Americas aims to increase the participation of global businesses in economic opportunities in the region in three key areas: public procurement, trade and investment, and financing.

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Public Procurement

Aims to facilitate the increased participation of international firms in IDB-financed contracts and facilitate connections with local partners and suppliers, emphasizing sectors such as health, water, energy, transport, agriculture, and digital infrastructure.

  • International roadshows create awareness about the IDB’s procurement opportunities and facilitate connections for partners with the region's public and private sector entities.
  • The Bidder Center provides curated resources to facilitate an understanding of the intricate bidding procedures, enhancing global firms' participation in Bank-financed tenders, and ultimately elevating their likelihood of success.
  • Build the Americas events and mobile app offer infrastructure companies information about IDB-funded tenders before they are published, and provide business matchmaking to connect with local suppliers of goods and services to develop specific infrastructure projects.
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Trade and Investment

Seeks to capitalize on the IDB's expertise and expansive network to facilitate robust business connections and partnerships between global and regional firms.

  • Business matchmaking events connect international companies with Latin America and the Caribbean companies to explore trade and investment opportunities.
  •, the online business network of the IDB, fosters trade and investment by featuring purchasing announcements, providing a searchable database of companies, and offering tailored online business communities for companies from across the globe to connect with their Latin American and Caribbean counterparts.
  • The Americas Business Dialogue (ABD), a private sector-led initiative facilitated by the IDB, hosts high-level government and private sector exchanges to support policy recommendations. It also serves as the private sector consultation mechanism for the Summit of the Americas
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Mobilizes resources from the public and private sector windows of the IDB to support the financing of projects in the region involving global companies.

  • IDB Invest, the private sector arm of the IDB, is expanding outreach to global businesses.
  • IDB Lab, which supports the venture capital industry and early-stage entrepreneurial innovations, is increasing engagement with global entrepreneurs.
  • Networking activities with co-financing partners, investors, and global government institutions will promote participation in future bond issuances and other innovative investment opportunities.
  • IDB’s Office of Outreach and Partnerships will launch new initiatives with public sector partners across the globe.

BID for the Americas is your platform to grow your business in Latin America and the Caribbean while helping the region grow.

The IDB encourages a wide range of institutions—corporations, government agencies, foundations, think tanks, universities, and more—from around the world to reach out to us to discuss how to get involved in BID for the Americas and start taking advantage of the many resources the IDB is providing through the program.

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Access a wide variety business opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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BID for the Americas was launched in September 2023 at an event featuring special addresses from high-level government and private sector leaders:

  • Don Graves, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce;
  • Senator Chris Dodd, Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas;
  • Suzanne Clark, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce;
  • Senior representatives from Intel, Amazon, and SBA Communications.
European launch

The launch of the European BID for the Americas program took place on May 30, 2024, at an event in Casa de América in Madrid, convening high-level public and private sector representatives from the IDB’s European member countries. The program highlights procurement, trade and investment and co-financing opportunities for European companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Procurement Opportunities

Our projects come to life through goods, works and consulting services. 

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Projects in countries

Learn about the diverse projects and initiatives we support working for sustainable and inclusive development in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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Build the Americas

Our mobile app where infrastructure developers with early access to information about IDB-funded infrastructure tenders, months or even years before they are publicly announced. The app also facilitates connections with local suppliers offering goods and services relevant to each project.

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