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Regional Policy Dialogue
Regional Policy Dialogue

The Migration Network is constituted by high level public officials in charge of migration policy, usually from Ministries of the Interior and/or Foreign Relations. The Network’s purpose is to promote dialogue and exchange of experiences and lessons learned among countries of the region and with extra regional good practices, to identify solutions to common challenges in migration-related policies and investments.

Migration is often perceived only as a challenge, but many countries in the world, in the region and the IDB hold the view that migration can also make a positive contribution to a countries’ inclusive development, be of origin or destination. Prompted by large and sudden migration flows into countries in the region, the IDB established migration as a new area in its Social Sector to address the challenges and opportunities posed by migration with a multisector support focused on access to documentation, basic services, social services and economic opportunity for migrants and their host communities and countries.

The network’s representatives meet periodically to identify opportunities for medium- and long-term investments, policy advise, technical cooperation and to promote strategies that help host communities and countries address migration for a more inclusive development.

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