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Regional Integration
Regional Integration

Harnessing integration to drive competitiveness

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Sector Framework Initiatives Projects at a Glance Platforms and Networks
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We promote and support regional integration for the synergies and enhanced competitiveness that cooperation and policy coordination among neighboring countries can achieve. We encourage countries to harmonize policies, share knowledge and create shared infrastructure that attracts productive investment and that equips the region to participate in global value chains.

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Bring together leaders of public and private sectors for regional dialogues on economic policy and integration; support countries in their efforts to negotiate regional trade, cooperation, and investment agreements; train government employees in areas that will facilitate cross-border cooperation and trade; produce actionable research and statistics.

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INTAL was created in 1965 thanks to decisive support from the countries in the region, which gave it the difficult mission of articulating the integration effort for Latin America and the Caribbean. At that time, discussions in the region were taking place in an international context marked by the Cold War, the difficulty of consolidating democratic regimes, the beginnings of social upheaval, and a trade system that was seeking to pave a way forward by means of new institutions and rules of play. 

INTAL is part of the IDB’s Integration and Trade Sector. Its mission is to support integration processes in Latin America and the Caribbean, through knowledge, digital integration spaces and support for economic, political, and digital integration initiatives.

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Technical Support

We provide technical support to implement regional and international trade and investment agreements.

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Training and Capacity Building

We provide training and capacity building for government officials on cross-border infrastructure and policy harmonization.

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Regional Public Goods

We promote the creation of Regional Public Goods in a variety of strategic areas including migration and financial integration.

Operarios trabajando para atar elementos a la grúa de un buque. Cooperación Regional - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
Infraestructure Integration

We finance transport, energy, telecom and other infrastructure investments to reduce cross-border costs and boost competitiveness.

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Institutional Improvements

We help carry out policy reforms, regulatory upgrades, and institutional improvements to advance the process of economic integration.

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Eight out of 10 Latin Americans support regional integration, a record number
A new study by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) shows that 79% of Latin Americans support their country’s integration with other Latin American countries, the highest level since this data began to be collected.This is one of the findings of “América Latina en conexión: apoyo récord a la...
May 16, 2024
IDB and AfDB Welcome IMF Executive Board’s Decision Approving Use of SDRs for Hybrid Capital Instruments
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) today welcomed the announcement by the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that enables the use of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) through a hybrid-capital financial instrument at multilateral...
May 15, 2024
SDRS and Hybrid Capital
FAQS What is a special drawing right?  The SDR is an interest-bearing international reserve asset. The SDR is not a currency, but its value is based on a basket of five currencies—the US dollar, the euro, the Chinese renminbi, the Japanese yen, and the British pound sterling. The value of the SDR is...
May 15, 2024
Comercio: el rol de las cadenas de valor en los flujos comerciales

¿Te has preguntado cuántos países y empresas participan en la construcción de un avión de 300 pasajeros?

*video only available in Spanish*

a map of the world Trade Trends Estimates Latin America and the Caribbean - 2023 Edition Q1 Update
a red boat in a dock Trade - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Making the Invisible Visible: Investment Promotion and Multinational Production in Latin America and the Caribbean
a group of people wearing hard hats looking at a piece of paper Automatic Product Classification in International Trade: Machine Learning and Large Language Models
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