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Transparency and Integrity
Transparency and Integrity

We promote transparency and integrity reforms aligned with international standards and supported by digital technologies. 

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Reform and Modernization of the State

We provide technical and financial support to governments in the following areas: 

Developing policies on transparency and access to information

to promote open government ecosystems and incorporate feedback from civil society.

Promoting integrity of the public sector with policies

to prevent conflicts of interest and systems for financial disclosure, grievance mechanisms, and coordination between regulatory bodies.

Implementing transparency programs in public resource utilization

through georeferenced platforms, InvestmentMap, and InvestmentMap with the COVID-19 module.

Strengthening higher regulatory bodies and incorporating digital solutions

to facilitate the management of public resource utilization and strengthen preventive monitoring strategies.

Supporting sector transparency and integrity programs

with a special focus on areas such as infrastructure.

Assisting countries in the implementation of international standards of financial integrity (FATF)

with risk assessments and legal reforms (in final beneficiary, non-financial activities, and professions, etc.) as well as strengthening financial intelligence units.

Supporting the implementation of transparency standards in extractive industries

and integrity measures for sovereign wealth funds.

Providing cross-cutting support for private sector integrity standards

including transparency and integrity measures in public–private partnerships.

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Investment Map

An initiative that promotes, through digital platforms, the transparency of public spending, public investment and public contracting in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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Financial Transparency Infoguide

This guide provides resources and updates on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing in Latin America & the Caribbean. 

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This blog is a space to discuss solutions to improve governments in Latin America and the Caribbean in order to strengthen services to citizens and promote greater transparency. 

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Having data is important for decision-making and especially for making good decisions.

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