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Transformation of Public Administration
Transformation of Public Administration

We strengthen the management capacity of the Public Administration to improve the lives of citizens and their trust in the State. 

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Modernization of the State

We provide technical and financial support to governments in the following areas: 

Strategic management at the Center of Government (COG)

Strategic planning of government priorities; creating Delivery Units; creating frameworks and tools for coordinating with sectors and subnational governments; and strengthening communication for government management.

Human capital for public administration to take advantage of opportunities created by digital transformation

By modernizing human resource management, creating tools to analyze the profile and distribution of public sector employees; improving management for planning, organization of work, recruitment, remuneration, career development, retirement benefits, and training.

Organizational transformation of public administration through functional reviews that align the structure and value chains

For governments with their key objectives; horizontal and vertical coordination tools that support the implementation of priorities, programs, and budgets; and monitoring and evaluation tools that guide public administration to achieve results.

Policies and management of public goods and services and of long-term planning of public infrastructure

Leveraging big data analysis, behavioral economics, and network governance tools to strengthen strategic and cost-efficient planning and provision of public goods and services; and strategic planning of infrastructure investment to close gaps and stimulate growth.

Risk management in the operation of public administration

Strengthening the State’s capacities to provide legal protection and enhancing internal control to monitor and prevent ineffectiveness and inefficiencies in administrative processes.

Collaborative and networked governance institutions

Participation of civil society and the private sector in the design and implementation of public policies and service delivery.

A group of people putting their hands together. Development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB State Capacities and Wicked Problems of Public Policy: Addressing Vulnerabilities that Affect Human Development

There is a growing mismatch between the types of public problems that governments face and the capabilities of the public administrations that design and implement policies to address them.

Women Leaders in the Public Sector of Latin America and the Caribbean: Gaps and Opportunities

Women's presence in leadership positions is essential, not only due to equality factors but also because it generates multiple benefits.

The Center of Government, Revisited: A Decade of Global Reforms

The institutions and units at the Center of Government (CoG) provide managerial direction and coherence to the complex machinery of government to accelerate the delivery of its priority objectives.

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