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Initiative: SEALC Network
Initiative: SEALC Network

Technical support network to employment services in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Since 2009, the primary mission of the IDB’s Technical Support Network to Employment Services in Latin America and the Caribbean (SEALC Network, by its acronym in Spanish) has been its contribution to strengthening public employment services in the region.

At the forefront of the global knowledge in the field of public employment services, the SEALC Network leads and funds initiatives aimed at improving these institutions in the region. Thus, numerous employment services in Latin America and the Caribbean have been able to benefit from international cooperation through workshops, training, and technical exchanges organized by the Network.

In 2019, SEALC Network became a Regional Public Good of the IDB. Under this new designation, the Network’s commitment to serve the region has been strengthened, and member countries can engage more actively through a Steering Committee.

The labor market experiences constant change. The digital revolution, international labor migration, aging, inclusion, and green jobs are some of the trends that are changing the world of work as we now know it. In this context, the SEALC Network continues to work, expanding its perspective and scope to ensure that public employment services in the region can count on the tools to enhance workers’ trajectories and connect companies with the talent needed to improve productivity and competitiveness.

In 2021 we relaunched Red SEALC to broaden its scope to areas including labor migration, green jobs, the growth of the digital economy, and the digital transformation of employment services. Having employment services of the 21st century in Latin America and the Caribbean is key for the recovery of the labor markets in our region, and a priority for the IDB within its mission to improve lives.

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Relanzamiento de la Red SEALC Relanzamiento de la Red SEALC
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