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The Future of Work
The Future of Work in Latin America and the Caribbean

Will robots take over our jobs? As trends like digital transformation, climate change, and longevity progress, the discussion around the jobs and labor markets of the future intensifies. This IDB series walks you through the future of work.

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Is flexible work here to stay?

The flexibility that emerged for the first time in Europe in the 90s to facilitate work-life balance, is currently a global trend that workers consider a right, a benefit and, on occasion, appreciate more than salary. In the 10th edition of our series on the future of work, we explore what flexible work agreements are and how they are transforming employment in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Can we transform longevity into an opportunity?

By 2050, when the number of people over 60 exceeds the number of young people in the region, will pensions be sufficient for everyone? Not unless we act now to make the pension systems more sustainable. In the 11th edition of our series on the future of work, we analyze the challenges and opportunities posed by longer-living societies on pensions systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

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a group of people working on computers Development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB How can technology promote skills development?

Technology is changing the way in which we develop new skills. Learn about our policy reccommendations to ensure all citizens have access technology-enabled opportunities.

a person wearing a mask and a person wearing a mask health - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB How does COVID-19 affect inequality levels?

In this issue of our series we analyze the trend of inequality in labor income and the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the income of workers in the region.

a person in a yellow hard hat using a machine employment - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB What is the impact of automation on employment and wages?

New technologies adopted around the world are impacting our labor markets. Find out how international trade is transmitting the effects of this phenomenon.


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