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Sector Framework Health

Improving Latin American and Caribbean citizens' health day by day.

Dos niñas saliendo de consulta odontológica móvil en el campo. Mejorando Vidas - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
Health Initiatives

The IDB is committed to improvements in population health and progress toward universal health coverage. Therefore, it will prioritize actions to reduce population health risks through multi-sector policies; to strengthen primary healthcare-based integrated networks with the participation of individuals and their communities while engaging both public and private sectors; to pursue fiscal and financial sustainability through improvements in efficiency and mobilization of domestic resources in accordance with each country’s economic and epidemiological profile; to promote digital transformation in healthcare, and to invest in epidemiological surveillance and emergency preparedness.

Health Sector Framework Document

Discover the topics in which we work to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Country Offices

Explore our offices across countries and the work they do to improve lives.

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