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Health initiatives
Health initiatives
a person giving a baby a medicine
a person smiling with a baby Innovative - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Salud Mesoamérica

An innovative public-private partnership that improves access to health for the poorest women and children of the Mesoamerican countries by supporting their governments. The effectiveness and success of this initiative is based on results-based financing, innovation, measurement of indicators and learning and continuous improvement.

close-up of a person holding a pen network - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Red Criteria

The gaps between the needs of the population and the resources available for health are increasing. Red CRITERIA is a knowledge network that supports Latin American and Caribbean countries to decide, in a more equitable and efficient way, which health services and technologies to finance with public resources.

a blue and white background with icons Digital - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Social Digital

Digital transformation can harness the power of digital tools to offer more personalized social protection and health services for the people of Latin America and the Caribbean. Social Digital allows us to reach more people, with more quality, and with more data to provide more and better services.


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