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Financial Markets Initiatives

Financial Markets

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The IDB has led the production of knowledge and statistics on digital finance and Fintech in Latin America and the Caribbean, generating and supporting studies that cover various aspects of the digital revolution in the financial sector.

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Financial Innovation Lab

The Financial Innovation LAB is a place to exchange ideas about financing techniques for climate change mitigation and adaptation investments.

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LAC Debt Group

The Group of Latin American and Caribbean Debt Management Specialists (LAC Debt Group) works to strengthen the capacity of governments to manage public debt and to foster better management practices through the continuous sharing of experiences across countries and technical discussions.

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The Network of Regulators for Sustainable Development (REDES) aims to support a proper framework for sustainable finance development, sustainable financial regulation, and supervision practices in Latin America and the Caribbean.   

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Green Finance for Latina America and the caribbean
Green Finance LAC

The GFL Green Finance LAC Platform is a knowledge exchange Platform that has been developed to respond to a demand of National Development Banks (NDBs) and other institutional players in the financial market for sharing information and knowledge about green financing. 

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Reform and Modernization of the State

Building state capacity to strengthen rule of law, promote innovation and open governments to deliver better citizen services.

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Science, Technology and Innovation

Innovation is essential for more productivity and economic progress. 

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