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FINLAC - Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean
A woman in an orange dress sitting next to a bowl of fruit - Finance - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
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Publications and Knowledge


A person in an orange dress sitting next to a bowl of fruit - Finance - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
People and Businesses

In Latin America and the Caribbean, financial inclusion is still an unresolved issue. Vulnerable populations such as indigenous peoples, Afro-descendant groups, older adults, and (im)migrants face barriers in meeting their daily savings, insurance, investment, and payment needs, and in accessing financial services that respond to their needs.

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A woman and a man wearing safety vests and hardhats - Digital transformation - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is revolutionizing financial markets and erasing distances. The emergence of new and innovative business models, products and services, reduced delivery costs, and invigorated competition in the financial markets are bringing significant benefits to consumers, households, and smaller businesses.

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A person paying for a flower in a shop - Financing - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Payment Ecosystems

Digital payments are sparking a revolution by expanding consumption opportunities for individuals and markets for small businesses, while also creating a new infrastructure that enables the digital transformation of ecosystems and offers new opportunities for innovation.

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A person holding a credit card and using a laptop - Open Finance - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Open Finance

Open finance allows customers of financial institutions—such as banks and fintechs—to share their information with other institutions for the development of new products and services that are more cost-effective and aligned with their needs. At the same time, it also raises the challenge of safeguarding information security and privacy, as well as ensuring consumer protection.

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