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Office of the Presidency
Office of the Presidency
Oficina con implementos de trabajo sobre dos escritorios. Desarrollo sostenible - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
Ilan Goldfajn
Ilan Goldfajn




The President of the IDB is the institution's legal representative and principal head of the Bank's management team. The president of the IDB is responsible for the conduct of the Bank’s day-to-day business and manages its operations and administration with the assistance of the staff of the Office of the Presidency.

Headed by its chief of staff, the Office of the Presidency assists the President in the conduct of the Bank's day-to-day business and management of its operations and activities.

The President, who is elected by the Board of Governors, chairs the meetings of the Board of Executive Directors but has no vote, except to break a tie.

The President formulates proposals on the general policy of the Bank for consideration by the Board.

The President, also chairs the Board of Executive Directors of IDB Invest, which works with the private sector of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Donors Committee of IDB Lab, the Bank’s laboratory for innovative development projects. 

Ilan Goldfajn has served as president of the IDB since December 19, 2022.  


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We design and enable innovative and effective solutions that promote inclusive and sustainable development in the region.

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2023 President's Report

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