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Capital Stock And Voting Power
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Board of Governors Annual Meetings Resolutions Approved
Borrowing membersShares% of total votes
 Costa Rica64,8190.457
 El Salvador64,6490.456
 Dominican Republic86,4520.61
 Trinidad and Tobago61,3790.433
Sub total borrowing members7,090,35150.015
Regional non-borrowing members
 United States4,253,79930.006
Subtotal regional non-borrowing members4,820,97334.007
Non-regional non-borrowing members
 China, People's Republic of5590.004
 Korea, Republic of5590.004
 United Kingdom136,5960.964
Subtotal non-regional non-borrowing members2,265,26415.979
(1) Data are rounded; detail may not add to subtotals and grand total because of rounding.
Institutional Strategy

Approved by member countries, this strategy guides our mission and sets priorities for our work.

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Country Offices

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