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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
CO-T1533 Colombia AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Experiences Exchange in Agricultural Health 0.02 Approved June 12, 2019
RG-T3444 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Expanding SCL Work on Early Childhood Development 0.18 Approved June 11, 2019
ME-T1406 Mexico TRANSPORT Inclusion and Sustainability in Mobility 0.79 Approved June 07, 2019
RG-T3432 Regional TRANSPORT Regulation of New Technologies and Institutional Modernization of the Transport Sector 0.30 Approved June 07, 2019
SU-T1115 Suriname EDUCATION Support to Increase Access to Inclusive Quality Education in Suriname 0.15 Approved June 11, 2019
RG-T3405 Regional ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Advisory Services to Enhance Infrastructure Resiliency in Private Investments 1.50 Approved June 10, 2019
SU-T1117 Suriname ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Mainstreaming Climate Change in Sustainable Decision-Making Tools 0.50 Approved June 12, 2019
RG-T3349 Regional ENERGY Support to Electromobility Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean 0.20 Approved June 10, 2019
HO-T1327 Honduras SOCIAL INVESTMENT Institutional Strengthening of Social Protection Policies in Honduras 0.15 Approved June 07, 2019
ME-T1413 Mexico TRANSPORT Knowledge Exchange in the Implementation of Dual Concessions for Public Transport 0.02 Approved June 07, 2019
RG-T3417 Regional TRADE Capacity Building in Trade Innovation 0.50 Approved June 06, 2019
ME-L1276 Mexico REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program to Strengthen Fiscal Management in States and Municipios II 600.00 Approved June 05, 2019
PE-L1253 Peru TRANSPORT Chimbote Bypass / Red Vial 4 50.00 Approved June 04, 2019
DR-T1187 Dominican Republic EDUCATION Support for Dialogue and Research in Education and Skill Development in Youth 0.20 Approved June 04, 2019
HO-T1328 Honduras HEALTH Design and Implementation of the Management and Financing Model for Tegucigalpa Trauma Hospital 0.25 Approved June 03, 2019
GU-L1163 Guatemala HEALTH Program to Strengthen the Institutional Healthcare Service Network (PRORISS) 100.00 Approved May 30, 2019
GU-T1302 Guatemala FINANCIAL MARKETS Génesis Empresarial: Digital Technologies to Accelerate Rural Financial Inclusion 0.27 Approved May 29, 2019
CO-T1502 Colombia ENERGY Supporting the Strategy for Universal Energy Access and the Institutional and Regulatory Transition of the Electricity Sector 0.40 Approved May 28, 2019
BL-T1105 Belize WATER AND SANITATION Innovation in the Solid Waste Management Sector in Belize 0.50 Approved May 24, 2019
BL-L1030 Belize EDUCATION Education Quality Improvement Program (EQIP) II 10.00 Approved June 07, 2019