Paraguay uses InvestmentMap to make transparent the resources of the COVID-19 emergency

As part of the RindiendoCuentas initiative, the Government of the Republic of Paraguay has officially launched the InvestmentMap + Module COVID-19 platform. This platform is a technological data visualization tool that will provide detailed information on the destination and use of available public resources mobilized to face the coronavirus crisis. 

The platform was developed with non-reimbursable technical assistance from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). 

With the launch of this platform, Paraguay has become the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to adapt InvestmentMap to monitor the resources used within the COVID-19 emergency. 

InvestmentMap + ModuleCOVID-19 is an information management platform created by the IDB to improve transparency and efficiency in public spending. This platform integrates IDB´s experience with online data visualization projects and with transparency and integrity programs in Latin American and Caribbean countries. The platform facilitates access to public information and accountability mechanisms, and thus promotes transparency and integrity in the management of public resources. InvestmentMap + ModuloCOVID-19 was made possible with the support of the IDB Transparency Fund –Norway, Canada, Italy and Sweden— and a contribution from Microsoft. 

The platform allows citizens to access information simply and intuitively. The tool will be constantly updating to continuously incorporate sources of information around the public expenditures incurred to respond to the COVID-19 emergency –such as program funding, subsidies, contracts and execution of current spending undertaken in the face of the pandemic. 

Government and IDB teams began working on this platform when the Emergency Law was first passed by Paraguay’s Congress. The platform was thus developed in under 3 weeks a record time relative to standard timeframes. The speedy result was possible thanks to the strong collaboration among various institutions of the Government of Paraguay including the Ministry of Finance, the National Anti-Corruption Secretariat, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the National Directorate of Public Procurement, the General Directorate for Public Investment, the National Emergency Secretariat, the General Comptroller of the Republic, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare and the National Emergency Secretariat‒ and the IDB.

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