An information management tool to improve
transparency and efficiency in public investments

Investmentmap device

Latin America 2030: Innovation and Transparency

Citizens can monitor in real time where and how governments invest. 

Governments have information of quality to make timely decisions that improve the efficiency of public investments. 

Companies can improve their competitiveness by acting in an open information environment.



Help your government to take better decisions!

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How does the team work?

DIAGNOSE: Identification of the state of the processes, norms, systems and data in a country.

THINK: Analysis of the information at our disposal.

PLAN: Design of plans to minimize breaches in the institutional capacity of management information, and in the support of the implementation of best practices.

COMMUNICATE: Gathering of the main stakeholders in order to harmonize the understanding of processes and information flows.

HELP: To define short and medium-term goals.

What is important?

That the information available has the required levels of quality, opportunity and periodicity.

That the information is useful and accessible to all, including the private sector and citizens in general.

That its use must be sustained through time.

That early gains are being reaped from the visualization of specific information in a sector of importance in the participating countries.

That the pilot, over the medium term, must be replicable to the rest of public investment/spending in the country.



Led by the Institutional Capacity of the State (ICS) Division at the Inter-American Development Bank
alongside national and local governments.

InvestmentMap is aligned with other IDB initiatives, including the  Center of Government (CoG) and  Management by Results (GxR).

This initiative is funded through the  IDB´s Transparency Fund,  which enjoys the generous contribution of the Government of Canada, the Government of Norway, the Government of Italy, the Government of Sweden and the MasterCard Corporation. Microsoft Corporation donated Azure service credits.