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HydroBID Initiative River boats

HydroBID is a simulation tool that supports water resources management and planning in LAC. It was developed by the IDB in collaboration with regional and local water utilities to understand their challenges and provide them with better solutions and training. Currently, HydroBID has been implemented in 22 of the IDB's 26 member countries.  

This open-access application was developed with a web architecture that has no operating system restrictions to ensure usability. The model structure is modular, flexible and scalable, while the hydrological formulation is robust and allows interaction with any climate model or data source. It has appropriate spatial and temporal resolution for water infrastructure planning and design and can simulate water resources at any time scale. 

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The HydroBID model has an additional demand optimization module called HydroBID Alloc, based on MODSIM, which allows planning water resource distribution among different users in a basin (human, agricultural, energy and environmental consumption) and water infrastructure management (reservoirs, water diversions, treatment plants).  

HydroBID also includes a Support Center (CeSH) with a proven track record in capacity building for water resources management institutions at the national, subnational and basin levels in IDB member countries. 


HydroBID Flood is a simulation tool for flood mitigation, river protection, water quality, design and monitoring of urban drainage systems and support for the evaluation and design of infrastructure. With the increasing impact of extreme weather events on infrastructure, a tool such as HydroBID Flood is key to planning and mitigating the consequences of floods in urban contexts.  

HydroBID Flood allows authorities and cities in the region to simulate the dynamics of fluvial, pluvial and coastal flooding to obtain flood, hazard, risk and vulnerability maps. Thanks to the application, it is possible to evaluate and support the design of infrastructure, such as erosion in bridge piers and abutments (support for the design of road infrastructure) or improve the design of urban drainage systems. Water quality, pollutant and sediment transport can also be evaluated to measure deposition and erosion.   


The tool is freely available to the LAC public and integrates a modern graphical user interface, implemented in QGIS, an open-source geographic information systems software, coupled with a state-of-the-art RiverFlow2D hydraulic simulation model calculation engine.  

In addition, the HydroBID Support Center offers personalized assistance so that users can use HydroBID Flood on their own.  

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HydroBID Initiative Support Center

The HydroBID Support Center (CeSH) offers customized tools, analytical services, training, education, and specific solutions for the integral management of water resources in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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