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InvestmentMap Community

It is a forum for multi-sectoral interaction, comprised of public institutions, companies, and civil society organizations from Latin American and Caribbean countries.

InvestmentMap Countries Community

The InvestmentMap Community of Practice promotes collaborative work to collectively build transparency and integrity policies for public resources through the use of digital platforms and technologies.  

Through the exchange of best practices and recommendations from the public sector, civil society and the private sector, the community promotes accountability and continuous improvement of the initiative.

The following pillars guide the discussion:

ejemplo 3 Axis 1. Technology and innovation:

Strengthening the integrity of public resources by using artificial intelligence to identify irregularities in public procurement or facilitate citizen participation, among other use cases.

ejemplo 2 Axis 2. Data-driven planning:

Supporting and improving data-driven decision-making and planning, enabling the closing of infrastructure, social and environmental gaps, and the feasibility and prioritization of national investment programmes.

ejemplo 1 Axis 3. Equity, Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability:

Promoting government policies that address gender equity and diversity, climate change and environmental sustainability.

imagen 2 Who are the sponsors of InvestmentMap?

InvestmentMap is an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), financed by the Transparency Fund (AAF), whose donors are Norway, Canada, Italy, Sweden and Mastercard. It also receives technological support from Microsoft in the application of analytical tools and cloud services.

The initiative is led by the Innovation for Citizen Services Division (ICS) of the IDB in conjunction with the governments and local entities of the countries.

InvestmentMap is aligned with other Bank initiatives, including Center of Government (CdeG) and Management for Results (GxR).

Learn more about MapaInversiones and its work through technical notes, impact assessments, and blogs published to strengthen our community.

From fishing to catching:

How can entities responsible for public procurement more reliably detect collusion and other irregular behavior?

Digital Technologies for Transparency in Public Investment:

The emergence of new digital technologies offers powerful tools for governments and citizens in the region to improve the transparency and efficiency of public investment.

Information Disclosure and the Performance of Public Investment: The Case of Costa Rica:

Increase of 7.6 percentage points in the physical progress of works and 18.5 pp in financial progress.

Monitoring Public Investment: The impact of MapaRegalías in Colombia

Increase of 8 percentage points in the physical progress of the works.

Three ideas to improve InvestmentMap

Imagine the following situation: two strangers sit next to each other at a dinner party and start talking about the divine and the human. Minutes later, the conversation turns to issues of transparency and open data. One of these people is part of Paraguayan civil society and mentions to the other the existence of InvestmentMap...

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How does open data improve coverage of public investment and spending?

It took a Costa Rican journalist two minutes to obtain the complete database on the Bonos Proteger, an economic aid provided by the Costa Rican government to people affected by the COVID-19 health crisis. She used data from InvestmentMap, an ever-growing information management platform that ... 

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InvestmentMap: Using digital technologies to increase transparency and citizen participation.

Bill Rodgers, a famous American marathon runner who won the Boston Marathon four times, is said to have said: "I believe in gradual experimentation, in running shoes". All of us who have been involved in the development of the InvestmentMap initiative - an information management platform to improve the transparency and efficiency of ...

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