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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation in Education

“Supporting educational systems in Latin America and the Caribbean in their process of digital transformation, aiming to promote Education 4.0”

A teacher and a child looking at a laptop. Technology and Inclusion - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB

We provide support to educational systems in Latin America and the Caribbean in their process of digital transformation, aiming to promote Education 4.0 - an education with more quality, inclusive, and flexible that responds to the needs of the 21st century. We provide technical and financial assistance, resources, and tools to promote the effective and equitable integration of digital technologies in education, from the remodeling of educational management and information systems to the development of digital skills, the intentional use of platforms and digital content in teaching and learning, and the reduction of the digital divide among educational actors.

Technical and Financial Support

to educational systems in promoting dialogue, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating digital transformation programs.


Develop and implement pilot and innovative solutions that effectively integrate digital technologies in education to improve teaching and learning.

Knowledge Production

Generation and dissemination of knowledge and evidence on digital transformation in education.

A woman in a laboratory looking through a microscope. Education - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB Education Management and Information Systems (SIGEDs) in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Road to the Digital Transformation of Education Management
A child using an Assisted Hearing Device. Development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB The Road to Educational Inclusion: Four Steps to Develop Systems to Protect Educational Pathways. Step 2: Designing Early Warning Systems
Grupo de estudiantes alrededor de una mesa con tabletas. Transformación Digital - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Selected Digital Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean
Robot con forma humana trabajando a la par de las personas. Ciencia y Tecnología - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID From the Printing Press to ChatGPT: The Challenge Does Not Lie in Technology but in Education Inequality

Technological advancements must be complemented by redistribution mechanisms so that improvements can benefit everyone. And education is the quintessential tool we, as a society, have for redistributing and enabling access to these benefits for all.

Three Reasons for Boosting Educational Connectivity in Schools

It is not just a matter of expanding technology. As was made evident during the pandemic, today, more than ever, access to connectivity in schools is a matter of rights. What is at stake is nothing less than the possibility of bridging the gaps that condition each person’s opportunities, as well as the sustainable and inclusive growth and resilience of our countries.

SIGED: Education Management and Information Systems

Do you know what a SIGED is? Do you know how it can improve education? A SIGED is an Educational Information and Management System that enables to manage processes of the educational system in a comprehensive and efficient way, incorporating new technologies. 

Digital Transformation of Educational Systems

We work to accelerate the digital transformation of education systems, supporting the ministries of education in the region through projects and research on what works in the use of educational technology for both learning and school management.

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