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Climate Change Finance


Diversify and align financial flows.

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External Concessional Funds are Essential to Tackling Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

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Download the 2023 IDB Climate Finance Database
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Strategic Funds

  • GEF – Global Environment Facility
  • GCF – Green Climate Fund
  • CIF – Climate Investment Funds
  • IKI – The International Climate Initiative 
  • MAF – Mitigation Action Facility
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Aligning IDB Group financing to the goals of the Paris Agreement is part of this agenda.

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Rewards Results on Nature and Climate

To help countries reach the scale of financing they need to meet their nature and climate commitments, the IDB launched the IDB CLIMA Pilot Program. IDB CLIMA focuses on development effectiveness and offers results-based rewards to borrowers through interventions designed to leverage multilateral lending to access green and thematic debt markets and deliver impact, thus aligning financial incentives with climate and nature-positive action. 

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ACL Multidonor Trust Fund

The ACL was established in 2017 and is the most important fund to provide support to countries in the region with early-stage technical assistance for low-carbon and climate-resilient projects by mobilizing public and private investments aligned with sustainable development objectives (SDGs) and nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement. Gender and diversity are at the core of the Fund and go hand in hand with climate considerations and action​.

Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Finance The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance
Finland The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
NDF Nordic Development Fund (NDF)
Netherlands The Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
Sweden The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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The ACL has committed resources for 59 Technical Cooperation projects for US $37.83 million.

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