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Sector Framework Agriculture and food security
Agriculture and Food Security

Modernization of agriculture services in Latin America and the Caribbean improves productivity and preserves the environment.

Vista panorámica de un campo sembrado. Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural - Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID
Agriculture and food security Initiatives

To promote inclusive, sustainable, and resilient food systems in the LAC region to improve productivity and food security. The sector deals with three main challenges: 

(i) the low and heterogeneous agricultural productivity, which affects its competitiveness; 

(ii) the reduced reach of the sector’s growth benefits among rural peoples, which affects its social inclusion capability; 

 (iii) the vulnerability of natural resources to climate change, which affects its environmental sustainability in the long run. In this regard, we support countries in their efforts to have: (i) an agricultural sector with high productivity, whereby climate impacts are managed, demonstrating an overcoming of the competitiveness challenge; 

(ii) rural families’ incomes from the sector sustainably growing over time, demonstrating an overcoming of the social inclusion challenge; 

(iii) natural resources used sustainably, keeping the carbon footprint low. 

Agriculture Sector Framework Document
Food Security Sector Framework Document

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