Amazonia Forever


Building on the progress made by the Amazon Initiative, and given the growing scientific consensus that the Amazon is reaching an ecological tipping point, we must further increase the impact of our actions in the Amazon.

Our aproach


Amazonia Forever aims to upscale financing; strengthen the planning and execution of projects to generate impact; share knowledge and evidence-based innovations and leverage expertise to support policy development; and enhance regional collaboration and coordination. As an umbrella program, it invites all relevant stakeholders to join efforts.

Combating deforestation

Strengthening environmental control and security, in the context of national governments (work with Ministries of the Environment, environmental licensing agencies, and research and monitoring institutes) to combat deforestation.


Promoting alternative and sustainable economic alternatives and transforming the use of forest resources to generate value-added products and services aiming at fostering a just economic transformation.


Provide adequate access to quality education, health care and employment; as well as promoting innovative solutions adapted to the local conditions of the population of the Amazon region.

Sustainable Infrastructure, Cities and Connectivity

Promoting resilient infrastructure and connectivity, and sustainable urbanization of the Amazon region. This includes adequate management and planning of urban growth, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, economic development, and social inclusion and equity.

Sustainable, Low-Carbon Agriculture, Livestock, and Forestry

Boosting and conserving sustainable and low carbon agricultural production systems as well as the transition to sustainable models of livestock management and forest protection.

Our transversal areas of action

In addition, Amazonia Forever will focus on promoting the inclusion of:

Women, Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendants & Local Communities​

Climate, biodiversity and forest conservation

Institutional Capacities & Rule of Law

Key dimensions for success

Our aproach

Increase financing

  • Use the Bank's balance sheet more efficiently, allowing it to provide additional lending capacity specifically tailored to the Amazon.
  • Promote new instruments (such as debt-for-nature swaps) that help countries meet their climate commitments; and foster a regional framework that favors the issuance of Amazonian bonds.
  • Increase blended financing, co-financing, technical assistance and grant resources.

Strengthen the planning and execution of projects 

  • Create a Regional Platform of Amazon Partners, to map existing resources -from donors, private investors and resources from Amazonian countries-, to support national authorities on: the identification of financial resources and coordinate efforts, development of investment plans, and providing information for better decision-making.
  • Develop a Project Preparation Facility, in coordination with the Ministers of Finance and Planning, to prepare investment plans for the Amazonian territories, and a solid project portfolio.

Amazonia forever

Our aproach

Improve coordination and collaboration

  • Share knowledge and evidence-based innovations.
  • Leverage experience to support policy development.
  • Network of Ministers of Finance and Planning and a technical working group established by the Governors of the IDB, and supported by the Bank, to monitor the progress of Amazonia Forever.
  • Forum of Amazon Cities to promote sustainable urban development in coordination with the mayors of the Amazon countries.
  • Green Coalition of National Development Banks of the Amazon region to mobilize resources for the region.
  • Network of Research Institutes of the Amazon. Support territorially based research institutes to take advantage of experience, share knowledge and promote coordination.
  • Support OTCA to expand and facilitate information exchanges between institutions and intergovernmental authorities linked to the study of the Amazon. The objective is to become a reference center for regional scientific-technological information and the sociocultural diversity of the Amazon. 


IDB Launches ‘Amazonia Forever,’ an Umbrella Program to Boost Coordination for Amazon RegionAmazon Cities Forum Launched with IDB Support​

Mayors from Amazonian cities launched the Amazon Cities Forum, devoted to building a new vision of sustainable development for the Amazon region. The forum will serve as a permanent platform for Amazon mayors to collaborate, exchange best practices and experiences, and jointly address the social and environmental challenges faced by cities and territories while ensuring the peoples’ rights and leadership.

AmazonMobilized by IDB and BNDES, Development Banks Launch Green Coalition for the Amazon

Development banks from the Amazon basin countries, launched the Green Coalition, a pioneering international alliance mobilized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) to carry out collaborative, synergetic and complimentary sustainable development initiatives with unprecedented scale and impact for the Amazon region, while respecting local and regional characteristics.

Initiatives for a Sustainable Amazon, a dialogue between Marina Silva and Ilan GoldfajnIDB and Brazilian Development Bank to Commit Investing $900 Million on Small Business in the Amazon

The IDB, as part of the Amazonia Forever regional program, and the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), in the context of its continuing support to the Amazon, climate and alternative sustainable economic activities, signed a letter of intent to move forward with PRO-AMAZONIA, a program that will scale up financing for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and small entrepreneurs in the Legal Amazon in Brazil.


The Amazonia360 project seeks to foster collective intelligence in geospatial information. By providing a centralized repository of geospatial data, it helps partners and clients improve their intelligence capabilities and make informed decisions for the development and conservation efforts in the Amazon region.

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KeepingKeeping Amazonia Forever: A vibrant bioeconomy is one of our best defenses against a critical tipping point

Global concerns are mounting over deforestation and degradation that threaten to push the Amazon rainforest past a “tipping point” and turn it into a savannah. Scientists worry that die-back may already be underway in parts of the Legal Amazon in Brazil. Aware of these threats, presidents from eight Amazon countries were gathered in Belem on August 8 and 9 for a summit to commit to redoubled efforts to end deforestation, protect biodiversity and accelerate “green” development.

the imtegrationThe Integration of the Amazon Region: 14,000 km of Opportunities

The Amazon Summit highlighted the powerful tool that is regional integration in the preservation of the Amazon region. The focus on union and collaboration between national and local governments, indigenous communities, and multilateral organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), demonstrates a recognition of interdependence and the need for joint policies.

BioeconomiaBioeconomía indígena: Forjando un futuro sostenible en la Amazonía

La Amazonía, la selva tropical más grande del planeta está amenazada por el avance de la frontera geográfica de la economía. Esta amenaza no implica únicamente una continua desaparición de su mega biodiversidad, sino también un impacto negativo a más de sus 50 millones de habitantes de nueve países —y que incluye a más de 511 pueblos indígenas— que dependen de los recursos naturales para su subsistencia y bienestar.