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Ordinary Capital Resources
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The Bank has an Ordinary Capital of $105 billion. Most of the OC resources are callable capital (96%). The remainder is paid in by member countries (4%). OC resources also include reserves and funds borrowed in international capital markets.

In March 2010, the Board of Governors of the IDB initiated the process to increase the Bank’s capital by $70 billion to more than $170 billion. The Ninth General Capital Increase (GCI-9), the largest in the IDB’s history, allowed the Bank to significantly increase its lending capacity.

  • Capital from member countries
    The callable capital of non-borrowing member countries totalling $101 billion, along with the preferred creditor status given to the IDB by its borrowing member countries, serves as backing for bonds issued in international capital markets.
  • Borrowings
    The IDB’s bond issuance program recently has ranged from $5 billion to $6 billion per year and finances about 90 percent of OC disbursements. The Bank’s debt rating is AAA, the highest possible.

    The IDB's resources are conservatively administered and there has never been write-off on sovereign-guaranteed loans; nonetheless, the ultimate backing for Bank debt securities is its callable capital. To date, the Bank has never needed to use its callable capital to pay off its debt.
  • Reserves
    The IDB also has its own reserves accumulated since its inception, amounting to $16 billion, which come primarily from income from loans and investments net of borrowing expenses.

For sovereign guaranteed loans, please visit Financing Solutions.

For non-soverieng guaranteeds loans and private sector financing, please visit the IDB Group’s private-sector affiliate, IDB Invest.

For OC financial statements, refer to our Annual Reports.

For OC subscription information, please visit Capital and Funds under Administration.

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