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Susana Sitja
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We know the region because that’s where we come from. We work with commitment and dedication, always at the forefront of solutions to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A bridge over water with boats and buildings. Social development - Inter-American Development Bank - IDB
Susana Sitja, Deputy Secretary of the IDB. Sustainable development - Inter-American Development Bank
Susana Sitja
Deputy Secretary of the IDB


Susana Sitja, a dual citizen of Spain and Venezuela, was appointed Deputy Secretary of the IDB on September 1, 2023.

During a career of more than 25 years at the IDB, Susana has held numerous positions, including Principal Specialist in Human Resources, Section Chief in the Office of the Secretary in charge of coordinating the Board’s Committees and senior positions in corporate affairs, including Senior Advisor to the Vice-presidency for Finance and Administration, Senior Communications Advisor in the former Office of External Relations, and Principal Specialist in the Office of Strategic Planning and Development Effectiveness. Most recently, Susana was Senior Advisor in the Office of the Presidency.

After joining the IDB’s junior professional program in 1996, Susana worked as Modernization of the State and Fiscal Management Specialist for 10 years, focusing on Central America, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

Susana pursued her higher education in Canada, and holds an M.A. in Economics from Queen's University, Ontario, and a B.A. in Economics from McGill University, in Quebec.

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