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ATI Information Requests

Access to Information (ATI)

The Access to Information Policy is an instrument approved by the IDB’s Board and designed to raise the Bank's standards of transparency to the highest level of international practices, thereby allowing greater accountability in the execution of its projects and activities. 

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Information Request Form

The IDB has a Public Information Center (PIC) that allows the public to submit a request for documents or information held by the Bank.  

This request is made in accordance with the IDB's Access to Information Policy, which provides guidelines for disclosure of information. The IDB's Public Information Center is responsible for receiving, processing, and responding to these requests, with a commitment to transparency and timely communication.

Send a request

The following section provides the public with useful data related to the different types of information requests received by the Public Information Center in the Access to Information Section of the IDB.

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Want to review Sample and Denied Requests?

In the Public Information Center (PIC) Requests section you can find sample requests processed previously by the PIC that might be helpful to review before you submit a new request for information. There is also a list of the requests denied by the IDB in accordance with its Access to Information Policy. 

Check Requests
How to request information

Check out this video tutorial with tips on how to fill out the information request form that will be submitted to the Public Information Center. 

Felipe Herrera Library

The Felipe Herrera Library, named after the IDB’s first president, plays a pivotal role in the Bank’s commitment to open knowledge and in promoting the reutilization of the vast knowledge it produces, ensuring that it is accessible and freely available to the public.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Review these FAQs that contain useful information about the operations and activities of the IDB

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Public Consultation

Find more information about the public consultation process carried out for the new Access to Information Policy proposal.

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