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Sanctions Officer Notifications

All Notices of Administrative Action (NAA) issued by the Sanctions Officer to investigated parties are delivered by certified mail or courier services. Proof of delivery is required in all cases.

If a Notification cannot be delivered to an investigated party through this method, the Notification process may be accomplished by Constructive Notice.

Constructive Notice

Constructive Notice refers to the presumption that an investigated party (the Respondent) has knowledge of the issuance of a NAA by virtue of posting a Public Notice on this website.

The Sanctions Officer will accomplish delivery through Constructive Notice if:

  • After reasonable efforts, the Sanctions Officer cannot deliver the NAA to a Respondent or;
  • The Sanctions Officer concludes that the Respondent is avoiding delivery.

Constructive Notice shall occur in accordance with the Protocol for the Delivery of Notices of Administrative Action in Relation to the Inter-American Development Bank Group’s (Protocol for the Delivery of Notices)


The Inter-American Development Bank Group is attempting to locate the firms and individuals listed below in order to deliver a Notification in relation to Sanction Proceedings initiated by the Bank Group


Company Name/Individual 


Address on Record

Posting Date

End Date of Posting



Additional information, as well as copies of the relevant Notices, can be obtained by contacting the Bank Group’s Sanctions Officer by mail, telephone, e-mail or fax to provide the necessary address particulars to permit a successful delivery. The contact information for the Sanctions Officer is as follows:

Mr. Juan G. Ronderos
The Sanctions Officer for the IDB Group
IDB Group’s Sanctions System
E-mail address:

Inter-American Development Bank Group
1300 New York Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20577, U.S.A.
Tel: +1-202-623-3223
Fax: +1-202-623-3018

The name of each firm and/or individual listed above is posted for thirty calendar days. Delivery of the Notice shall be deemed to occur at the end of such 30-day period, unless the SO receives earlier confirmation of receipt in which case delivery shall be deemed to have occurred upon receipt of such confirmation.

For more information, see the Protocol for the Delivery of Notices in relation to Inter-American Development Bank Group’s Sanctions Procedures.