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Data by country

General Data by Country

Access a dashboard that provides an overview of demographics, migration, housing, poverty, inequality, education, employment, social security, health, and social protection. 

An illuminated building with a clock tower. Inter-American Development Bank
Labor Market and Social Security Information System (SIMS)

Contains comparable statistics, institutional information, and academic publications on labor markets for the IDB member countries.

Center for Learning Improvement Information (CIMA)

Provides comparable education indicators. Furthermore, it promotes the design and implementation of effective evidence-based education policies to enhance education quality.


Provides data and statistics on migration flows and populations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Citizen Perception and Migration Laboratory

Offers information, resources, and tools to support governments in their response to xenophobia.

Labor Observatory

Contains information on labor markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, including data from both traditional sources (official employment statistics) and non-traditional sources (job vacancies, skills, news, and green jobs analysis).

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