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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
HO-L1203 Honduras ENERGY Modernization and studies for increasing the capacity of the Francisco Morazan Hydroelectric Power Plant 18.00 Preparation N/A
HO-L1194 Honduras SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to the Integral Social Protection System 60.00 Preparation N/A
HO-L1197 Honduras FINANCIAL MARKETS Program for the Investment, Promotion and Tourism Promotion Fund 25.00 Preparation N/A
NI-L1084 Nicaragua FINANCIAL MARKETS Development Program of productive opportunities in the Caribbean Coast 150.00 Preparation N/A
JA-T1169 Jamaica ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Blue carbon restoration in southern Clarendon, Jamaica 2.45 Preparation N/A
JA-L1083 Jamaica AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Modernization of the Agricultural Sector Program (MASP) 25.00 Preparation N/A
GY-T1164 Guyana ENERGY Renewable Energy Actions in the Energy Matrix in Guyana 1.50 Preparation N/A
GU-G1004 Guatemala ENERGY Efficient Use of Firewood and Alternative Fuels in Indigenous and Rural Communities in Guatemala 9.37 Preparation N/A
GU-G1007 Guatemala HEALTH Guatemala - Regional Malaria Elimination Intitative (RMEI) in Mesoamerica and Dominican Republic 5.62 Preparation N/A
GU-L1165 Guatemala ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Sustainable Forest Management Project 8.45 Preparation N/A
ES-L1136 El Salvador FINANCIAL MARKETS Global Credit Program for Microenterprise and Small Business in El Salvador 20.00 Preparation N/A
EC-L1257 Ecuador ENERGY Sustainable Management of Underground Resources and Associated Infrastructure 70.00 Preparation N/A
EC-L1253 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program for the Improvement of Tax and Customs Administration 60.00 Preparation N/A
DR-T1197 Dominican Republic REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program to Strengthen the Tax Administration and Public Investment in Dominican Republic 0.55 Preparation N/A
DR-L1136 Dominican Republic SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support for the strengthening of the social protection and health sector 75.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1139 Dominican Republic WATER AND SANITATION Santiago Province Urban-Rural water and sanitation integration project 100.00 Preparation N/A
DR-L1141 Dominican Republic TRANSPORT Rehabilitation and Expansion of Puerto Manzanillo 100.00 Preparation N/A
TT-L1053 Trinidad and Tobago EDUCATION Support for a Seamless Education Programme – Phase II: The Education Advancement Programme (EAP) 10.50 Preparation N/A
TT-L1056 Trinidad and Tobago URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Upgrading and Revitalization Program 50.00 Preparation N/A