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Project number Country Sector Project title Financing Status Approval date
SU-T1104 Suriname ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Enhancing Natural Capital Management in Suriname 0.50 Preparation N/A
SU-T1105 Suriname TRANSPORT Support for Improving Transport Logistics and Competitiveness in Suriname 0.50 Preparation N/A
SU-T1107 Suriname SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Supporting Increased Local Content and Expansion of Priority Sectors – Business and Innovation Climate Reforms in Suriname 0.20 Preparation N/A
SU-T1108 Suriname ENERGY Technical support to the preparation and execution of SU-L1055 0.20 Preparation N/A
TT-T1074 Trinidad and Tobago EDUCATION Support for the implementation of the Education Advancement Program 0.20 Preparation N/A
TT-T1076 Trinidad and Tobago WATER AND SANITATION Support for the Preparation of Trinidad and Tobago Water Supply Improvement Program 0.50 Preparation N/A
TT-T1078 Trinidad and Tobago REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Institutional Strentgthening of the Central Statistical Office 0.30 Preparation N/A
TT-T1079 Trinidad and Tobago PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Implementation of A Secured Transactions Framework in Trinidad and Tobago 0.26 Preparation N/A
UR-L1104 Uruguay ENERGY Campo Palomas Wind Power Project 0.00 Approved July 22, 2018
UR-L1146 Uruguay URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Third Neighborhood Improvement Loan 70.00 Preparation N/A
UR-L1147 Uruguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Rural Productive Development Program II 24.20 Preparation N/A
UR-L1149 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Ciudad del Plata Sanitation integrated program 20.00 Preparation N/A
UR-L1150 Uruguay TRADE Uruguay Global: Program for the promotion of digital skills for internationalization 10.00 Preparation N/A
UR-T1165 Uruguay URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Methodology for the identification of public-private investment initiatives for territorial development (pilot test) 0.35 Preparation N/A
UR-T1176 Uruguay TRANSPORT Support to determine the governance scheme of the Binational Bridge Rio Branco-Yaguarón 0.20 Preparation N/A
UR-T1177 Uruguay TRANSPORT Design of new instruments for private financing of road maintenance 0.20 Preparation N/A
UR-T1179 Uruguay SOCIAL INVESTMENT Implementation of Community Centers for older people. 0.40 Preparation N/A
UR-T1180 Uruguay FINANCIAL MARKETS Improvement of Institutional Capacities and Credit Risk Evaluation in the BHU 0.25 Preparation N/A
UR-T1181 Uruguay FINANCIAL MARKETS Support for the Institutional Strengthening of BROU. 0.25 Preparation N/A
UR-T1182 Uruguay SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Implementing the National Productive Transformation and Competitiveness System 0.50 Preparation N/A