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TC9607071 : Concessions Program Transport Sector

Project Status: Closed

This program aims to consolidate the institution and regulatory framework for concessions in the transports sector, with the larger objective of fostering private sector participation in the provision and operation of the transports infrastructure in the state of Sao Paolo. The implementation of this program is also expected to have a demonstration effect in other states of the country to develop similar mechanisms. The program consists of four main components: 1) the consolidation of the institutional and regulatory framework for the concessions program and to strengthen the unit responsible for its administration; 2) preparation of specific studies concerning the concessions program; 3) support to the Secretariat for Transports for the implementation of the concessions program; and 4) interchange of experiences with other agencies implementing concessions programs.

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Technical Cooperation
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Total Cost
USD 2,280,000
Country counterpart financing
USD 1,140,000
USD 1,140,000


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