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Support for Certification of Police Training to Improve Management of Citizen Security in Health Crises (COVID-19)
This technical cooperation seeks to modernize and improve the response capacity of the police forces and the quality of their basic training programs in LAC, in order to adapt technical capabilities and police skills as first responders to public health crises (COVID-19) and to adapt to the new challenges that insecurity imposes to help improve the confidence of the police in the region. The specific objectives are: (i) to understand the situation of the police in the region with respect to: protocols for response to health emergencies, level of police training, use of force, level of legitimacy and administrative aspects of their organizational structure (requirements selection; years of training; curriculum; meritocracy, etc.); (ii) analyze regional and international police training curricula to establish the minimum requirements necessary to improve the quality of police training in prevention and mitigation protocols to manage health crises and maintain public order according to international standards that allow promote the certification of the region's training processes; and (iii) support dialogue activities to exchange best practices in police management and training in the face of health crises in the context of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Project Detail



Project Number


Approval Date

August 26, 2020

Project Status


Project Type

Technical Cooperation





Lending Instrument


Lending Instrument Code




Facility Type


Environmental Classification

Likely to cause minimal or no negative environmental and associated social impacts

Total Cost

USD 300,000.00

Country Counterpart Financing

USD 0.00

Original Amount Approved

USD 300,000.00

Financial Information
Operation Number Lending Type Reporting Currency Reporting Date Signed Date Fund Financial Instrument
ATN/OC-18195-RG Sovereign Guaranteed USD - United States Dollar Ordinary Capital Nonreimbursable
Operation Number ATN/OC-18195-RG
  • Lending Type: Sovereign Guaranteed
  • Reporting Currency: USD - United States Dollar
  • Reporting Date:
  • Signed Date:
  • Fund: Ordinary Capital
  • Financial Instrument: Nonreimbursable

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Implementation Phase
Consultant/Firm Final Report
Mayo 2024 - Propuestas seleccionadas MOOC 5a edicion - 3a semana presencial JJC.pdf
May. 08, 2024
TC Document
Documento de CT - Divulgación - RG-T3562.pdf
Aug. 26, 2020
Other Documents
Electronic Links
Plan de Adquisiciones - RG-T3562.pdf
Aug. 26, 2020
Electronic Links
Términos de Referencia - RG-T3562.pdf
Aug. 26, 2020
Electronic Links
Solicitud del Cliente_72185.pdf
Aug. 26, 2020
Electronic Links
Matriz de Resultados - RG-T3562.pdf
Aug. 26, 2020
Preparation Phase
TC Abstract
Abstracto de CT RG-T3562.pdf
Jun. 22, 2020

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