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ConnectAmericas Logistics Community and Financial Module for Investment in Infra
The design and development of ConnectAmericas is being funded by a variety of resources and operations, including funding from the FIRII (RG-T2241; RG-T2304; RG-M1218). These are currently supporting the design of the integration infrastructure platform, the analytical work required to identify and reach out to the target markets, the integration of the INTRADE database into ConnectAmericas, and the development of the platform¿s first two modules (Connect and Learn). This operation is intended to create an international transports and logistics community within ConnectAmericas, and strengthen its ¿Finance¿ module to promote investment and business opportunities in infrastructure projects across the region, with particular emphasis on public-private partnerships. The objectives and activities of the operation correspond to the Bank's Strategy for Global and Regional Integration (GN-2565-4-2, GN-2470-2) as it will facilitate regional commerce and promote the internationalization of SMEs, thereby increasing the demand for trade-related infrastructure (e.g. transportation and customs).

Project Detail



Project Number


Approval Date

August 9, 2013

Project Status


Project Type

Technical Cooperation





Lending Instrument


Lending Instrument Code




Facility Type


Environmental Classification

Likely to cause minimal or no negative environmental and associated social impacts

Total Cost

USD 750,000.00

Country Counterpart Financing

USD 0.00

Original Amount Approved

USD 750,000.00

Financial Information
Operation Number Lending Type Reporting Currency Reporting Date Signed Date Fund Financial Instrument
ATN/OC-13948-RG Sovereign Guaranteed USD - United States Dollar Ordinary Capital Nonreimbursable
Operation Number ATN/OC-13948-RG
  • Lending Type: Sovereign Guaranteed
  • Reporting Currency: USD - United States Dollar
  • Reporting Date:
  • Signed Date:
  • Fund: Ordinary Capital
  • Financial Instrument: Nonreimbursable

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Other Documents
TC Abstract
ConnectAmericas Logistics Community and Financial Module for Investment in Infrastructure_TC Abstract [37786753].PDF
May. 30, 2013

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